The thread that weaves us all together

What is it that I believe in?
I believe there is a thread of life that weaves us all together
The thread is Love
When I can let my guard down enough to remember myself as love
I remember you as love too
And when you remember yourself as love
I remember myself as love
Which one comes first I sometimes wonder
Then I giggle
And sometimes cry tears of joy and sorrow
As I remember
That’s the beauty of love
Love doesn’t care who came first
Love just wants us to remember

To all you beautiful brave hearts who dare to reach your hearts outside the tiny definition of love we’re fed on hallmark cards and romantic comedies. I am so grateful for the thread that weaves us all together.

Thank you for allowing your whole heart to weave and dance and intertwine with the whole hearts of everyone you meet. Thank you for the remembering. Thank you for loving so deeply in a world that so often forgets.

With Live


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