Self Love Guided Practices

In these new and interesting times if you’re feeling anxiety tugging at your sleeves know you’re not alone. As we all face the uncertainty and challenges of life post 2020 – some of the things that used to ‘work’ for you, to help you feel grounded, safe and at ease with life may no longer be working or may no longer be available to you.

We’re being called to dive a little deeper and stand a little stronger in our Self Love routines and practices. I think we’re also being asked to talk more openly about how rattled our nervous systems feel and to help each other build our toolkit of resources to be used in challenging moments.

So here’s a little care package of my favourite tools to support an anxious or sensitive nervous system. And a gentle reminder that anxiety and overwhelm isn’t the enemy and you’re not broken. BUT in times where collectively we’re being asked to shelter at home or make many unexpected decisions our system may need a little extra support to help to stay grounded and at home within ourselves.

Have a little play, experiment and commit to more of what helps you to feel more Grounded and Connected to yourself and others and less of what triggers Anxiety, Fear and Overwhelm….a great place to start is to limit your news intake to whatever the minimum it is that you need to take care of your business/family/responsibilities.

Contact us if you’d like to share your experience or if you had a favourite – we love to hear from you….because we were never meant to journey through these challenges alone. We’re hard wired for connection and are Stronger Together.


We get it that there’s nothing quite like real time support. If that’s what your heart is needing here are the ways you can work with Lani online via Zoom.