heART of Rest Wellness Centre | 22 Gwilliam Drive Bibra Lake
Cafe + Gift Shop open Wednesday to Friday 8.30am – 12.30pm
Coffee ~ Ceremonial Cacao ~ Tea ~ Juices ~ Cake
Come visit us for a cuppa and enjoy the beauty of the garden and local artisan crafts to inspire ritual and rest in your daily life.

Blending all things Deep Rest – yin yoga, mindfulness, emotional balance, ceremonial cacao and the co-creation of like hearted community, this is an invitation for you to receive, rest and reconnect to nature and the wisdom of your own heart.

JOIN us for a journey into naturalness through the body, mind & heART.


We’re a wellness centre with a special focus on C O M M U N I T Y and D E E P R E S T. Human connection and nature are at the core of everything we offer. Creating nurturing, nourishing spaces to help you slow down, feel and remember self compassion, love and appreciation.

When overwhelm, anxiety, stress and digestive issues weave their way into our every day living it’s easy to get cut off from the nourishment of human connection. Through the warmth and nurturing of compassionate heart based practices and ceremonial cacao our practitioners work one on one and in small groups to help you get out of your head and into your body.

Creating a gentle, nurturing space for YOU to reconnect with your own intuition and wisdom. Our passion is your REST and RECONNECTION!!

When the body or mind holds the burden of past stress, trauma, self abandonment or addictive thinking we need PRACTICAL, INTUITIVE, COMPASSIONATE and PLAYFUL ways to:

  • release tension,
  • come ‘home’ into our bodies
  • remember our purpose and passion
  • connect to the feminine nature that is grounded in pleasure, play and connection.

Come share in the natural beauty of the land at heART of Rest Wellness Centre and Cafe as we SLOW DOWN together! In 2021 the heART of Rest Wellness Centre and Cafe will be running a full schedule of events, classes and community events, inviting in new practitioners to share their love and wisdom too.