Blending yin yoga, tantra, mindfulness, emotional balance, ceremonial cacao and the co-creation of like hearted community this is an invitation for you to receive, rest and reconnect to the wisdom of your own heart.

JOIN us for a journey into the body, mind & heART.


heART of Rest Cafe & Wellness Centre | 22 Gwilliam Drive Bibra Lake.
Garden Cafe + Gift Shop now open – come and visit us for a cuppa and beautiful local artisan crafts to inspire ritual and rest in your daily life.

And more importantly I FEEL you….I feel your tiredness, your longing and your knowing that it’s time to SLOW DOWN. For years I fought with overwhelm, anxiety, stress and digestive issues until I recognised they were signposts showing me where I wasn’t embracing REST, NURTURING & SELF COMPASSION – inherent qualities of the feminine.

Through the warmth and nurturing of ceremonial cacao and compassionate heart based Tantric Yoga and Meditation practices I work one on one and in small groups with men and women who know they need to get out of their heads and into their bodies. Creating a gentle, nurturing space for YOU to reconnect with the intuition and wisdom of the feminine.

My passion is your REST and RECONNECTION!!

As a collective the feminine principles have been long undervalued and undernourished and our bodies, minds and hearts suffer when compassion and understanding are not woven through our daily lives. It doesn’t matter what physical body you were born into, we all have both masculine and feminine principles within us – some may identify more with a primary feminine essence, others a masculine essence, but until we begin to honour and nurture the feminine principles within and without we are cutting ourselves off from core parts of ourselves.

When our body or mind holds the burden of past stress, trauma, self abandonment or addictive thinking we need PRACTICAL, INTUITIVE, COMPASSIONATE and PLAYFUL ways to:

  • release tension,
  • come ‘home’ into our bodies
  • remember our purpose and passion
  • connect to the feminine nature that is grounded in pleasure, play and connection.

We’re not here to just survive. The key to thriving comes from honouring and harnessing the power of these beautifully sensitive nervous systems we’ve been gifted!

Join me as we SLOW DOWN together! In 2021 the heART of Rest Wellness Centre and Cafe will be running a full schedule of events, classes and community events, inviting in new practitioners to share their love and wisdom too.