Our nature sanctuary is in Treeby (near Jandakot). On a private property it is a little slice of all the magic you might have experienced in nature loving communities overseas or down south but just 30 minutes from Fremantle and Perth.

A sanctuary for you to Rest, Be and Connect to your true Self.


Each month I offer circles, ceremonies and courses to support you to feel more connected to Life, yourself and other heart awakening souls. Creating nurturing, nourishing spaces to help you slow down, feel and remember the gifts of friendship, self compassion, love and appreciation.

Come experience the profound nurturing and healing of heart centred practices including womb-heart meditation, yoga, mindfulness, ceremonial cacao and emotional balance.

Let life become a little slower and leave feeling nourished by time spent with other like hearted nature lovers.


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The ART of Resting

The intention behind heART of Rest is to creates space where those on a heart awakening or sensitive soul journey could gather together. To take refuge while they explore the richness of the inner world of yoga, meditation and the spiritual heart.

A space where busyness isn’t the symbol of success but whole heartedness, intimacy and compassion is.

My vision is that together we learn to slow down, embracing and embodying natured based principles of healing, growth and spirituality.

As the western world seems to get a little crazier day by day wanting more, doing more, achieving more, more, more, more so many are hearing their body tell them they’re tired. Tired physically, mentally and emotionally with minds that never stop and to-do lists that never end there are many people deciding it’s time to return to a slower pace of life.

But why is it that giving ourselves permission to rest seems so challenging? How do we really connect to the rest and unwavering peace of mind we so desperately crave? 

As individuals we are bombarded everyday with the message to work harder, do more – so it feels a bit like going against the grain to say – hang on a minute, what if who I am right here and now is enough. And that means we need to consciously choose to make Rest and our own self care a valuable part of daily lives.  

There is an Art (or is that Heart) to Resting, that is deeply connected to our creativity and exists in every exquisite breath if only we are willing to slow down enough to feel & appreciate it.

Where there is a backlog of stress & trauma held in the body, (the body really does keep the score as trauma expert Bessel van der Kalk puts it) we often need practical & playful ways to release tension and learn how to come ‘home’ into our bodies and this is where the practice of yoga, movement, cacao, breath and sound can be so powerful.

I hope this space will inspire you to explore the beauty of Resting and the magic of embracing yourSelf completely, in all your wonderful human messiness.

Follow your bliss, your highest excitement and know that ALL of you is welcome here. May we all know the sweetness of resting in the Heart and the safety of being at home in our body.

If you’d like to know more about my offerings please check out the Events page or get in touch with me here.

Eternal love & gratitude