Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Interested in exploring ceremonial cacao at home in your daily life? Cacao is a superfood, a medicinal powerhouse and a beautiful compliment to meditation, yoga, creative works, team meetings, intimate dates, time in nature, ecstatic dance and life in general.

Having travelled the globe I choose to work with Keith’s Cacao from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Processed with pure intention and sourced with a very strong connection to the spirit of cacao there is something very special about the heart gold in every block.

You can read more about what makes these blocks so special here.

From 1 block you can prepare 10 giant ceremony doses, 20 creative doses (that’s the equivalent of $3.50 per cup…cheaper than a cup of coffee!!) or an abundance of micro-doses or add ins for your smoothies and daily super food creations.

Private Cacao Ceremony

Curious to dive a little deeper into your own unique connection with cacao or host a cacao ceremony for a loved one or group of friends, book a Private Cacao ceremony with Lani. Each ceremony is customised for you and can include information about preparation, medicinal and spiritual properties of ceremonial cacao, meditation, intention setting, movement and heart connections. A beautiful way to reconnect with your hearts deepest desires, a loved one, community or a creative project.

Not in Australia?

You can order directly from Keith and as a much loved customer of heART of Rest receive a 5% discount when you use code noble18au58.

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