DEEP REST Cacao Ceremony with Lani

“I believe the magic of the most beautiful heart centred teachers – particularly plant medicines is to reveal to you the gifts that already lay inside of you. To help you appreciate the subtleties of this beautiful life.” ~ Lani

SOLD OUT Sunday 3 July |10.00am – 12.30pm

Curious about the magic of Ceremonial Cacao? Needing some time to slow down and reset? Craving connection to other like hearted humans who value gentle, kind and real? Come share our Sunday morning slow down and Journey into the Heart. A sacred pause and 2.5 hours to rest, reflect and explore the wisdom that resides within you from the space of a well rested body a clear mind and an open, connected, playful heart.

Open to all genders this is a journey into the heART of the slow, connected, tender and nourishing ways of ceremonial cacao, gentle yoga, tantra, meditation and reflections to inspire the openness of the heart and mind.

Ceremonial cacao is chocolate in it’s pure unrefined form, a gentle medicine to help you connect to the wisdom of the heart and a potent superfood full of antioxidants, magnesium, iron and properties that are natural mood elevators – sometimes called natures own anti-depressant.

We keep our ceremonies small so you feel the joy of community connection and the space and support to digest & integrate the wisdom of your own heart.

An intimate space capped at 8 magical bodies these ceremonies are suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners and the practices are tailored for sensitive nervous systems to help you feel more grounded, connected and embodied.

What you receive:

▽ Creative dose of ceremonial grade cacao
▽ 2.5 hours of Heart centred Yin Yoga and Hridaya Yoga & Meditation  
▽ Tantric philosophy and subtle practices to invite the weaving of mind, body, soul
▽ Psoas release and exploration for healing, creativity and vitality

You’ll be guided on a deep journey through the body into the Heart & Mind using gentle yoga poses to stimulate the flow of energy through your entire physical and energetic system. Throughout the journey you’ll be blessed with an intentional soundscape to inspire your mind, body and soul to fly freely.

Such a beautiful space is allowed when we slow down together, connecting to our own natural rhythm – giving ourselves and each other permission to rest and be exactly as we are.

Ask your body to teach you and to take you on adventures into intimacy with your own essence. This is the yoga of wonder and delight.
~ Lorin Roche

Who is Your Facilitator?

Lani Noble, Lani’s heart, soul and spirit rests in a love for cacao, nature and embodiment practices. Inspired by the power ceremonial cacao provides in HEALING, CREATIVITY and CONNECTION Lani offers cacao ceremonies and yoga for emotional balance. She is a qualified yoga and meditation instructor and has studied Grief, Loss and Trauma counselling, Tantra, Feminine embodiment practices, Yoga for Trauma and Psoas release. The call to work with the spirit of cacao came while Lani lived in Guatemala receiving training and guidance from a cacao shaman.

Now 7 years later she lives in Perth and shares her connection to cacao with others in group ceremonies and private sessions. Her passion is supporting others to find their unique connection to soul and the spirit of cacao. With a passion for embracing life in all its beautiful humanness Lani gently guides her students on a deep journey through the body into the Heart and Soul.

What is a Cacao Ceremony
A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to welcome the wisdom and beauty of mother earth and plant medicines. An invitation to see all life as precious and as having a great wisdom to share with us when we slow down long enough to LISTEN.

From a more practical perspective cacao is C H O C O L A T E in it’s original unrefined form. That is, without having any of it’s properties removed – most cacao’s that you buy in healthfood stores or online have had the cacao butter removed. In it’s whole form cacao has an incredible list of benefits for the mind, body & heart, including:⠀

* Theobromine, a known vasodilator that acts as a “driver” of nutrients and chemicals into the tissues.
* Magnesium for a healthy heart, brain & relaxation of muscles⠀
* Antioxidants to help defend against free radicals that cause tissue damage⠀
* Iron that is readily absorbed by your body
* Natural mood elevator – phenylethylamine (PEA) – nature’s own anti-depressant.
* Cannabinoid neurotransmitter called anandamide, the word anandamide is derived from the Sanskrit word, ananda, meaning, bliss.

During each cacao ceremony we set an intention to allow this beautiful gentle plant based medicine to help us:⠀
~ open to our creative potential⠀
~ connect in with our natural state of ease and relaxation⠀
~ connect with our heart
~ reveal warmth and joy at our very core

If you find yourself sometimes lost in the loop of the overthinking or anxious mind or suffer from tension in the body that just doesn’t want to let go – cacao is a great way to invite in relaxation, calmness and a sense of wellbeing.⠀She is also a powerful tool for focussing and gaining clarity in creative projects and team connections.

We believe in chocolate heart alchemy and the support cacao provides you to connect with the wisdom of your Heart. She is an incredible tool for creative works, team building, meditation, conflict resolution, emotional processing, journeying, therapy, group facilitation, sound healing, kirtan and coaching…in the words of our chocolate shaman:

she is truly helpful, a major facilitator from inner change and play – to outer creativity and productivity, all with a heart-centred focus.’ ~ Keith Wilson

You can find more information about cacao ceremonies with Lani at

Bookings Essential: This is an intimate retreat in our new belle tent, there is only 8 places so please book once you know your heart wants to share in this space.

COVID: If you’re feeling unwell, have tested positive or are considered a close contact of someone who is unwell please DO NOT attend on the day.

Cancellation Policy: We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens, for cancellations received within 7 days of the event a full refund is available. For cancellations with 3 days notice a 30 day credit for a future heART of Rest event will be offered.  If this event is unable to run due to government restrictions it will be offered online or rescheduled. If you’re unable to attend the rescheduled date a credit note to be used within 3 months will be offered. Please email for refunds or credits