About Me

Hi! I’m Lani, a heart facilitator, yoga, meditation and embodiment teacher with a gift for helping others to slow down and find their way home in their own bodies and hearts. And I’m a lover of the simple, gentle, compassionate and kind. 

I’m particularly passionate about supporting busy women and highly sensitive humans in embracing and resting into their natural sensitivities, sensuality, emotional wisdom, strength and grace.

Inspired by the power of Rest, Self Compassion and Ceremonial Cacao for mental health and wellness I specialise in compassionate, yin based, mind-body-heart practices to regulate the nervous system & help you feel more at home in your own Self. Together we create tools that will support you when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out or simply craving to feel more connected to your own inner knowing.

Having made the full 180 degree flip from working for the Tax Office to being a Women’s Embodiment Mentor I bring a deep understanding of the everyday juggling of world in the corporate environment and how to weave in the power and beauty of feminine practices. I sometimes like to say I have a foot in both worlds – with over a decade of experience in the Government sector and another decade living, studying & teaching Yoga, Meditation & Feminine Embodiment I merge philosophy, heart-based science and traditional mindfulness & meditation practices to support you in slowing down and regaining a sense of empowerment, relaxation and emotional balance in your life. 

Offering support and love for seekers of truth and the wisdom of the heart I continue to immerse myself in the day to day living of Nature based Spirituality, Women’s Embodiment, Yoga, Emotional Balance and Ceremonial Cacao.

My Story

Just like Joseph Campbell’s idea of a Hero’s Journey, my story is one of Loss, Love and Coming Home. At 30 I realised the life I was living wasn’t one I consciously signed up for. I thought I was mostly happy and doing OK. Everyone I knew was on some kind of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication so I accepted this was ‘normal’. I’d ticked all the boxes of house, husband & career so I must be OK yes?! But really no, very much No! At some point just after my 30th birthday I realised I was 30 something and totally, completely and utterly over it – I was living a life that felt so foreign to me. I didn’t remember signing up for these things or deciding that they were important to me. But I also had no idea what was important to me or who I was.

So 11 years into a relationship and Tax Office career I found myself stressed and disillusioned by the life I was living and knew something had to change. It wasn’t until my marriage ended and the death of my mother in law that I really heard life’s call to adventure and I left my corporate career and Australia and started an epic journey into the mysteries of knowing myself.  Along the way I discovered my natural state wasn’t stressed and depressed and the sweetness for me was in slowing down. Physically, mentally, emotionally – it was all connected – the faster I moved the less connected I felt, and the more I slowed down and truly felt into the moment the more alive, relaxed and in awe of life I felt.

What began as a 3 month holiday, became 12 months of leave and then 8 years of deep soul searching. I  lived in Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and India and found myself immersed in the beautiful heart opening practices of yoga, meditation, ceremonial cacao, sacred sexuality and community living.

When I realised life was in part limited by my mind, I asked myself “What would I do if money were no object?” My answer was…

‘I would marvel in the sunrise and the sunset, spend time in nature, meditate & practice yoga every day, and share this with others’.

But it wasn’t until I began to slow down with the travels, to move less, do less, listen more, RELAX and stop trying to figure out what I would do next that it became clearer and clearer that sharing had absolutely nothing to do with what I did or where I was. It was about how deeply I could rest into my own being, in this moment. How deeply could I accept myself and life exactly as it was, right now? And this fundamentally influenced how I shared because true sharing wasn’t possible unless I was prepared to be absolutely completely authentic, raw and vulnerable with myself and others.


In the words of my favourite shame and vulnerability researcher Brené Brown, “I believe that as human beings we are hard wired for connection” and connection isn’t only about sharing the love and light and joy, you know the nice, easy bits. For me, it has been in the darkest hours that the greatest connections have revealed themselves. It’s in the moments where life urged me, in not always the most gentle of ways, to crack open the hard shell around my heart without any thought of trying to put it back together again. These are the moments I’ve allowed life to flow as it was and felt the purest most life affirming connections with beautiful people.

After some big lessons in India I returned to Perth where I now live and offer nature based retreats, cacao ceremonies and women’s embodiment circles from a beautiful space immersed in nature. Rich in it’s connection to nature heART of Rest is a hub for healing and connection – where people can Meet themselves and each other in the heart.

Having experienced my share of trauma, grief and loss I know how deeply confronting the dark nights of our soul can feel, and I also know it is our birthright to thrive not just survive. Woven through all of my offerings you’ll find encouragement for the deep sense of vulnerability, safety, self acceptance and gentleness I know is necessary if we want to truly embody the wholeness of our sometimes messy and always beautiful humanness.

Love is what calls me out of bed each morning, it is the Grace in every breath taken, word spoken, tear cried and hand held. It is the wisdom of the trees, the magic in a sunrise, the simplicity of a dragonfly, the vulnerability of a heartbroken friend willing to speak their truth, it’s the twinkle of the stars, the sparkle in the eye of a child…and a child at heart, it’s the Grace that flows through every cell of our being and equally it is the unexpected experiences of life that nudge us again and again to open our hearts and go Home.

Yoga isn’t about how flexible..or not, this body or mind is, it’s about revealing true union – not just on the mat but in every day life, in every single moment.

While my own journey continues each day, my greatest joy and excitement is in helping others to find REST – through loving presence, self enquiry, breath, movement, ceremonial cacao, yoga and meditation. There is nothing more magical in this world than to see the fresh sparkle in the eye that comes when someone’s entire body, nervous system, mind & Heart is at rest.

I am honoured by the courageous beautiful hearted humans that choose to work with me and who also continue to teach me what it means to truly be alive in this world. Thank you for being a part of this precious journey home.

Namaste….the light in me sees and honours the light in you and I look forward to working with you <3

Lani xxx

You can read more about the special events and offerings I share HERE, or Book a SESSION with me to explore your own inner journey.

What Others Say

“Lani is a truly magnificently skilled space holder, knowledgeable and experienced yoga teacher and she is the embodiment of divine feminine energy. She creates nurturing, safe, gentle experiences to connect with your heart, body and soul. I’ve left her Red Tents and Yin Yoga sessions feeling deeply relaxed in my body, uplifted in my heart, connected to my womb (and the other beautiful heart centred women!) and nourished in my soul! I can not recommend her enough!” ~ Kylie

“Lani provides an incredible experience every time. Heart centred, gentle and graceful. I have completed several of her offerings including deep rest, new moon, women’s circle, cacao ceremonies and the full day retreats. I encourage everyone to experience this wonderful deep dive into stillness. You’ll want to come back for more… always. 🥰” ~Meg

“I loved every minute. You have a very special gift Lani of creating and holding a space to unravel and explore this beautiful practice. Thank you.” 

“Lani the softness and gentleness plus your humble nature is very beautiful and delightful. Oozing the feminine…thank you for reminding me of the nurturing, calm and love of the feminine. Deep Gratitude.”