Cacao Women’s Circle & Womb Meditation

Each month we gather to remember the power and beauty of women connecting from the heart. Letting down the barriers of competition and comparison we spend time together sharing our stories, moving our bodies and opening our hearts.

Something magical happens when women gather together. We co-create a space of safety to let go of our roles, our masks, our responsibilities and allow our sisters to hold us, to hear us, to see us.

  • Gentle dose of ceremonial cacao
  • Breathwork and sensual movement
  • Womb meditation and women’s circle
  • Heart connections
  • Tea and snacks for grounding

We’re not designed to do this crazy thing called life alone so intentional time spent together to connect and share is so so important. These gatherings include a cacao connection and womb check in plus all the other magic that wants to unfold in the moment – movement, play, expression, appreciation….and an ocean of love!

“The beauty of being in the women’s circle is that you see mirrors everywhere. Goddess is expressing herself through this form and that form, each one unique. As you look into the mirror of sisterhood, you begin to see how magnificently unboxable She is.”~ Chameli Ardagh

In this moment we are being called as women to stand together, to rise together but we also need to recognise when it is time to REST and PLAY together and trust fully in life. When we turn our focus away from trying, pushing and demanding and instead nourish, nurture, slow down and receive we allow a true sense of coming home to ourselves and we offer space to receive life in it’s fullness.


Spaces are limited and bookings are required. Bookings by paypal with the button above, or at

Who is your Facilitator?
Lani Noble
Lani’s heart, soul and spirit rests in a love for cacao and women’s embodiment practices. She is a qualified yoga and meditation instructor and has studied Grief, Loss and Trauma counselling, Women’s embodiment practices, Yoga for Trauma, Psoas release, Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. After travelling the world for 7 years diving deep into heart centred practices and self enquiry she now supports others in opening their hearts and connecting with their deepest truth and passion. Drawing from her own direct experience she guides you on a journey through the body into the heart. Holding a deeply nurturing and supportive space Lani’s loving presence invites you to explore your inner landscape to embrace every part of yourself and receive life in it’s fullness.

“A beautiful practice & ceremony that was created in a safe environment, I immediately felt at ease with Lani. Being a group of only women was powerful, energetic, loving & peaceful.”
“Thank you for creating this space, it feels like a true community of strong females empowering each other and projecting such positive vibes and a space for each other to explore and guide each other.”
“So much gratitude to Lani for taking my heart through this journey. All I have ever wanted to do was connect, give, love, while holding my own core simultaneously. You shared with me how to slip into this space today. I am at a loss for words. Thank you.”
“Love it every time. Lani continues to inspire me into the person & yoga teacher I wish/want to be.”