To my highly sensitive sisters and brothers out there. I see you. I feel you.

If you’re feeling the intensity of this wild period of life…please know you’re not alone. I know many people (including myself) feel things deeply and are moving through massive periods of inner & outer change while also feeling the heartache of our country on fire.

Please remember this is not personal, you have not done anything wrong to be feeling life as deeply as you’re feeling it, and you’re not alone. Your capacity to feel and BE with your feelings is a gift. It is BEAUTIFUL. It is BRAVE. And it is what makes you so special and needed in these times of massive change. Even if others don’t feel quite like you do don’t add shame and comparison to the heart ache you’re already feeling. Research shows it is approximately 20% of the population that carry the highly sensitive trait and we serve our own unique purpose and place in this life.

GROUND in your body through belly, heart & mind. Come home to all the sensations, even if they’re intense. You’ve got this. And mother earth has you. Breath. Listen. Slow Down. We are being asked to feel our roots deeper into the earth, to remember our connection to her, to each other and to let love guide.

TRUST there is great wisdom and purpose in our willingness to feel and to not cover things up. And know there is a tribe of sensitive heart awakened souls holding your tenderness in their hearts.

CONNECT Reach out to your trusted people when being with other people feels right for you. Listen to the wisdom of your heart & body and only when it feels right gather with others who are feeling the waves of heartache. Your feelings are not a burden and compassion researchers suggest that when we gather together in times of crisis our systems can often better attune and digest traumatic experiences.

COMPASSION Offer your support and compassion when and how you can. If you’re feeling compassion fatigue (overwhelmed and as if there’s nothing you can practically do to help), stop feeding your own inner war/shame shit storm for a moment by comparing yourself to others, rest, disconnect from social media, reconnect with your heart and let self compassion be your practice for now. Trust your needs are important and that this has it’s own way of rippling out onto others. When the time is right you’ll be ready and able to extend that same compassion to others.

I choose to take this time to find quiet within myself, to be really intentional about with who and how I spend my time, I’m trusting life’s greater plan and am using my daily practices to pray for relief from suffering for all. And I write, because writing helps me make sense of the feelings that flood my system each and every day and I hope the words that flow through me may offer love and support wherever it is needed.

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