Flow…Cognitive Ecstasy..Creativity & Intellectual Bliss

Just over a year ago I was living out of my backpack and moving from country to country as projects with friends & teachers called to my Heart. Unexpected circumstances eventually drew me back to my hometown, where I’ve spent the last 5 months adapting to a more grounded way of living, sharing my Heart’s passions with people I love… and meeting some very real ‘real world’ responsibilities, real world responsibilities that hadn’t played a part of my life for the past 6 years.

Truth is it hasn’t been the easiest transition…but not because of the responsibilities…but because I felt my connection to Self , and Flow, challenged far more regularly in the community I found myself living in, than in the spiritual circles I was previously immersed in. I had to look a little closer within myself and be a little more patient to uncover connections with others who love to ‘nerd out’ on the human unknowing…and who feel the call to explore with curiosity without succumbing to the imprisonment of generations of conditioning of fear.

I’ve had to learn to choose not to blame or rely on my surroundings for my happiness – or unhappiness – if I’m crazy enough to link my happiness to the outer world – then reality is I set myself up for disappointment. Really the only thing that determines my joy and passion for life…is my connection to creativity, life force, God, Love, the absolute…whatever you want to call it.

And so when I watched this video by Jason Silva on cognitive ecstasy this morning I was reminded of my fascination for life..creativity…intellectual…understanding….I get off on intellectual & mystical conversations – hypothesising around all of the unanswerable questions – just the discussions and confusion that would often come from hours and hours of curious explorations – would remind me of just how vast, infinite & unfuckingbelievable this life is that we are.

“Cognitive ecstasy – an exhilarating neurostorm of intense intellectual pleasure”

So to all of you out there who courageously curiously explore the unknown, with the insatiable drive of a child to understand, stepping over gigantic fears and conditioning that instead demands control and knowing – I celebrate you & honour you…and am deeply humbled by you. Thank you for helping to seed my curiosity and finding the courage to remember my sole/soul intention & purpose in life is to remember our magic…to wake up the wonder junkie in me…the brave reckless God in us all! That is why I’m here, that is what I live for….ahhhhh thank you Jason Silva for the beautiful reminder.

“Beauty is truth..truth is beauty”

So much love <3



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