Women's Yoga for Emotional Balance

A compassionate, mind-body & heart journey for sensitive women. Create space from the inside out for health, radiance, purpose and a YOU that you LOVE.

Are you ready to invite more ease and self love into your life?

Are you ready to feel more at home in your body?

Women’s Yoga for Emotional Balance is a journey into the world of e-motion (energy in motion) and the magic of being a woman. An invitation to explore and embrace emotions, sensitivities and connect with like hearted women. From stress, overwhelm and burnout to health, radiance & purpose.

Explore ways you can self soothe, regulate, repair and restore your nervous system and cultivate healthy nourishing practices to support you in life’s every day challenges.

  • Do you often get caught in the never ending loop of the mind?
  • Do you feel like your nervous system is permanently switched on fight or flight mode?
  • Do your shoulders carry the weight of a suffering world?

Offering you a safe container to look at how stress, anxiety and grief manifest in the body. You’ll be introduced to simple practices to allow the body & heart to release tension & cultivate inner ease and contentment.

A beautiful Heart, Mind & Body centred journey for women who would like to feel a greater sense of safety and stability within themselves.

– Nervous system regulation & Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness
– How the body keeps the score – emotions, anxiety, grief, stress, depression
– Digestion & Diet – Effect on our Mental Body
– Sublimation of energy vs Bypassing or Suppression
– Vulnerability as the key to joy, creativity, connection and ease

Connecting with community and sharing our stories we remember emotions are a beautiful gift of being human. They contain so much wisdom if we can find our way home to loving presence. This is also a space to experience the power of community connecting to support and encourage each other in healing, growth, celebration and sharing.

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Please note while yoga and meditation can be a very powerful tool for processing anxiety and moving through periods of depression and grief this is not a counselling or psychotherapy session and no medical advice will be provided. Recommendations to heart centred counsellors and psychotherapists will be provided to support your journey if needed.


Who is your facilitator?

Lani is a qualified Yin and Hatha yoga and meditation instructor. She has studied Grief, Loss and Trauma counselling, Organisational Behaviour, Women’s embodiment practices, Yoga for Trauma, Psoas release, Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. Drawing from all of these tools her intention is to support you in embracing all of who you are and to shift stagnant energy, beliefs and holding patterns in your body so you can choose to receive life in it’s fullness.

Lani shares from her own journey with stress, depression and anxiety and navigating the world as a highly sensitive and empathic individual. She creates a beautiful safe space where participants are encouraged to explore and embrace their perfectly human messiness with an attitude of witnessing and compassion.

“This is my life’s work. After losing my mum to cancer at a young age I struggled against depression, stress, sensitivity, grief and exhaustion for a good chunk of my adult life. For as long as I could remember I was always told I was too sensitive and the message that stuck with me was “my emotions are bad and it’s not safe to express them”. So I did my best to keep them hidden playing the people pleaser and letting perfectionism control my life. Until eventually my body couldn’t carry the weight of all of the words and feelings I hadn’t expressed and I began to listen.

Through yoga, meditation and living in community I learnt to practice deep listening and I discovered there was a lighter way to live. It wasn’t about pretending the emotions didn’t exist but instead to find the tools that worked for me to help me be really present when they arose. The ‘way’ for me was to stop fighting against life, to practice openness, to let go, to stop trying so hard and to embrace what was left & really listen to the wisdom of my body and Heart. I am so grateful for all of the teachers and mentors that offered safe passage for me to navigate my darkness and to learn to embrace it as much as my light. I’m so blessed to now be able to share this wisdom with others.”