Mentoring for Teachers

Exploring ways to deepen your own Yin practice through meditation & mindfulness so you can support your students in slowing down.

Are you confident with your asana practice and teaching style but would like to introduce more stillness, meditation, mindfulness or heart centred practices?

In Yin Mentoring we’ll focus on cultivating more of the principles of YIN into your own personal practice and teaching style.

To begin with we explore the subtle differences between a yin & a yang based sequence and tailor each session to where you’d like to grow your skills, including:

  • Meditation techniques to start or end your class
  • Verbal cues to encourage relaxation & reset of the nervous system
  • Understanding of the benefits of meditation
  • How to create a feeling of safety, warmth and slowness in your classes
  • Encouraging self enquiry through yin postures
  • Opportunity to practice and receive feedback
  • Sequences that support deep rest and relaxation

Cost: $150 for 60 minutes OR book 5 sessions for $700. Contact Lani to chat some more about booking in for mentoring.

Who are these sessions for? Any existing yoga teachers already trained & familiar with Yin Yoga postures who would like to include more Mindfulness, Stillness and Heart Centred techniques into their classes.

Do I need to be a Yoga Teacher to attend these? Yes. This mentoring is for existing yoga teachers only as the sessions will be focussed more towards meditation and mindfulness techniques for teaching. If you’d like a private session to focus on your own yoga or meditation practice see Here for more details.

Do I need to have an existing meditation practice? No. Together we will tailor a practice for you to incorporate in your daily life. What’s most important is that there is a curiosity and a willingness to commit to a regular practice. In my experience real transformation in our spiritual journey requires consistency of practice to strengthen our skills and access to a support network to help keep you inspired.

Lani Noble_Cacao Yin Yoga & Womb Meditation

A little about me, and my personal story with yin yoga.
In 2012 I found myself immersed in a 5 day yoga & meditation retreat in Guatemala and I realised the noise & busyness of life I’d been desperately trying to find peace from, was actually coming from inside of me. From the busyness of my own mind. From that moment on I dedicated the next 7 years to exploring my inner world through the study & practice of Hridaya Yoga – Yoga of the Spiritual Heart, a meditation based yoga practice intended to reconnect us with the stillness, beauty & wonder of a life lived from the Heart.
Fast forward a few more years and I found myself again exhausted, emotionally and physically. Despite years of travel, living, teaching & practicing in yoga schools and communities I found myself sicker than I’d ever been, and I began to wonder how could it be possible.
First step was to realise I wasn’t necessarily sicker than I’d ever been before, but just I was more in tune with my body and was hearing it speak to me far more than I’d ever heard before – in the past I probably would have just ‘soldiered on’ and got on with the job.
Next step was acknowledging my yoga practice had stagnated and the pains in my body just seemed to get stronger. I felt drawn to Yin Yoga because it seemed to go hand in hand with cultivating awareness and bringing meditation into every moment.
I spent several days on a Yin Yoga course & the moment we settled into our first practice I knew my body had found what it needed. Finally a space where I allowed life (including my body) to be exactly as it was, to not push to fit into the moulds of others. All of a sudden I was in a space where the teachers recognised that all of our bodies were unique and we don’t all fit into a one size fits all yoga asana. So many of the things I had struggled with in my practice were now all of a sudden being recognised as a limitation of my bone structure and not a lack of commitment to my practice.
I felt such a softening and gentleness begin to arise from within and I jumped on a plane the next week to deepen my journey as a Yin teacher and I have never felt more grounded and at home in my own body, heart and mind. I’ve been blessed to witness some of the most incredible journeys as people tap into the wisdom and beauty of their hearts and bodies and I am most inspired when supporting others to find their way home.

As lives get busier the need for mindfulness & meditation grows and I’ve found this to be such a beautiful compliment to the Yin Yoga practice. If you’re already teaching yoga but know you’d like to help your students explore Stillness and Mindfulness contact me for more details or to book a session.