Womb Heart Mentoring

Deep Rest | Emotional Wisdom | Yin Yoga | Ceremonial Cacao | Nature | Compassionate Mindfulness
to support the reconnection of your Womb-Heart radiance

A 90 minute immersion, tailored for the busy woman who knows it’s time to get out of her head & into her heart & body. Perfect if you’re moving through a big transition in your life, feeling tired, disconnected or just know that something needs to change but don’t yet know the next steps.

A woman’s power resides in her capacity to connect womb-heart and mind. Where there’s an abundance of love in the heart but no grounding it’s easy to get caught up in other people’s needs and desires. Or where there’s a lot of ambition or fire, but little connection to the nourishment of your sensuality, life can feel flat or dry. And when you’ve experienced past hurts and traumas it’s common to guard the heart in a way that you think is protecting you but really it’s stopping you from receiving the life and love you’re longing for.

The journey of womb-heart is one of honouring the sacredness of life. And a pilgrimage deep inside your own body.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to be at the top of the to-do list? These sessions are created to meet you wherever you are so you can leave feeling rested, nourished and connected to your own inner wisdom and sensuality.

Self care, love & nurturing isn’t optional for a healthy, radiant
woman!  AND It’s not serving life for you to be disconnected from your womb – caught in the looping
of the mind, drained, depleted or overwhelmed.

AUGUST BONUS: Purchase 4 sessions (to be used over 3 months) and receive access to the online 6 week Emotional Balance course for FREE (valued at $149)

No one outside of you has the answers you’re seeking. Or the love you’re longing for. Are you ready to look inside? There is a wellspring of wisdom, radiance, ease and grace when a woman connects to the powerful thread of love between her womb, heart and mind.

Have you arrived at a crossroads in your life, or you feel a little empty?
Does overwhelm or a mind that never stops make it hard for you to feel at home in your own skin?
Are you longing to feel a deeper connection to YOU?
Not someone else’s version of you, but the real you that runs more than skin deep?
In the busyness of your life do you struggle to hear or feel your own intuition and grace?

A Journey into the Heart + Womb | 90 minutes online or in person

A 90 minute immersion, tailored for the busy or overwhelmed woman who knows it’s time to get out of her head & into her heart & body.

These sessions meet you wherever you are so you can feel connected to YOUR inner wisdom and sensuality and nourished from the inside out.

Perfect if you’re moving through a big transition in life, feeling tired, disconnected, unravelling old wounds or just know something wants to shift or settle in you but you don’t yet know what. Also a powerful way to welcome in new creative ideas and energy.

What will we explore in these sessions?

Evoking the Yin in everything, from physical movement, to business, to raising children

Yin Yoga for Self Love, Grounding & Emotional Balance

Ceremonial cacao as a ritual – for heart connection, self love and meditation

Embodying the wisdom of key emotions (fear, anger, sadness, grief, joy, gratitude and appreciation)

Connecting to your feminine sensuality as a healing balm

Finding your own rhythm in a busy world

Embracing the gifts of your sensual, sensitive, feminine nature in a way that is NATURAL for YOU!

Compassionate Mindfulness for calming the inner critic

Nature as a healing balm and wellspring of nourishment

Creating a morning and evening ritual to support you in your natural radiance

Connecting to your spiritual heart in a western world

Our western culture has undermined the wisdom of the feminine presence and the power of our embodied sexuality. We’ve been told our natural rhythm and cycles are an inconvenience. We’ve learned to over-ride the messages from our body, our menstrual cycle and our nurturing hearts, in order to live in alignment with the collective pace. A pace that simply isn’t nourishing for the feminine.

We’ve forgotten our connection to the earth and the wisdom of her ever changing seasons and cycles.

When you make a decision to unravel this unconscious conditioning – you may come face to face with old patterns, habits and tensions in your body, mind and heart that need to be nurtured and embraced. While no one can take this journey for you, it’s also a natural thing to at times need a little extra support. These sessions are designed to support and encourage you as you deepen your capacity to connect to your own womb wisdom.

If you find it challenging to stay with yourself, to turn inwards and really allow yourself to rest or connect to the wisdom of your Soul or if you are in need of a supportive space, a gentle touch or a reminder of the magic of a well nurtured human know you’re not alone. There is an epidemic of women who are so used to being in their heads they’ve forgotten that they’re safe at home in their bodies.

Allow Lani to hold this space for you while you play with the edges of your own Soul, every step of the way feeling empowered to trust your own inner guidance.

The practices of yoga, tantra, mindfulness, ceremonial cacao and emotional balance will be tailored to any special needs or issues you’re working with to encourage self acceptance and inner ease – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through compassion and embracing the inherent wisdom of the body, mind and Soul you are encouraged to keep loving yourself back into wholeness!

Please note while these sessions can be a very powerful tool for processing anxiety and moving through periods of depression and grief this is not a replacement for counselling or psychotherapy session. Recommendations to heart centred counsellors, psychotherapists and health professionals will be provided to support your journey if needed.

“Lani is a truly magnificently skilled space holder, knowledgeable and experienced yoga teacher and she is the embodiment of divine feminine energy. She creates nurturing, safe, gentle experiences to connect with your heart, body and soul. I’ve left her Red Tents and Yin Yoga sessions feeling deeply relaxed in my body, uplifted in my heart, connected to my womb (and the other beautiful heart centred women!) and nourished in my soul! I can not recommend her enough!” ~ Kylie

“Lani provides an incredible experience every time. Heart centred, gentle and graceful. I have completed several of her offerings including deep rest, new moon, women’s circle, cacao ceremonies and the full day retreats. I encourage everyone to experience this wonderful deep dive into stillness. You’ll want to come back for more… always.” 🥰

“Such a potent magical night last night. Thank you. The simplicity of just being in a circle with other women and sharing our feelings really lights me up. To feel safe to be vulnerable and really feel the openness of our sharing is magic! And how fitting, mama cacao showing us the way in the eve of mothers day. Really felt quite a powerful connection with the cacao last night. The journey of emotions. A deep thank you for sharing your own vulnerability through your loss and grief and journey.”
~ Jess

Who is Lani

Hi, I’m Lani, the heart & voice behind heArt of Rest. A place where you’re supported as you step into your authentic sensual self – calm, radiant and revitalised. ⁠

I believe your emotional wisdom and sensuality is a gift. A gift that is screaming to be seen, heard, loved & shared. But when the world we live in isn’t set up to appreciate your naturalness they can feel like a burden. After years of emotional suppression and shaming you can be left feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, uncomfortable and disempowered. But there are some really beautiful and simple practices that can support you in feeling more at home within yourself while harnessing the magic of your feminine sensuality and sensitivity.

I’m a qualified Yin and Hatha Yoga and Meditation instructor and I’ve spent the past 10 years studying and teaching Women’s embodiment practices, Yoga for Trauma, Tools for the Highly Sensitive Person, Grief Loss and Trauma Counselling, Psoas release, Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. Drawing from all of these tools my intention is to support you in embracing all of who you are and to shift old energy, beliefs and holding patterns in your body so you can choose to receive life in it’s fullness.

After losing my mum to cancer at a young age I struggled against depression, stress, sensitivity, grief and exhaustion for a good chunk of my adult life. I discovered that disappearing to my mind and controlling my outer world were great ways to cope with not feeling. I did my best to keep holding myself all together, playing the people pleaser and letting perfectionism control my life. Until eventually my body couldn’t carry the weight of feeling so disconnected and I began to listen. Through yin, feminine embodiment and womb-heart practices I found my way home.

I am so grateful for all of the teachers, mentors and friends that offered their guidance and safe passage for me to navigate my emotional body and embrace the power of my sensuality. I’m so blessed to now be able to share this wisdom with you.


What experience do I need? No experience is needed, I will tailor the sessions to meet you wherever you are in your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

What should I wear to these sessions? Clothing you’re comfortable sitting, laying and stretching in. But most importantly that you feel comfortable in.

Where are these sessions offered? In Treeby Western Australia (30 minutes from Fremantle and Perth) or online if you prefer.

When are sessions available? Tuesday – Saturday. You can check availability HERE

Are there discounts if I book more than 1 session? Yes, if you purchase 2 sessions (to be used during July) you receive a bonus 250gram bag of Lani’s Love Mix Ceremonial Cacao.

I’m not sure if this is right for me? It’s really important to me that you feel clear so if you’re not sure if I’m the right fit for you feel free to book in for a complimentary 15 minute session so we can say hi and talk through how I may be able to support you.

I’m not in Perth how will these sessions be run? I’ll send you a link for Zoom, an easy online platform that we’ll use for all our sessions.

I’m not in Perth & I don’t have ceremonial cacao? If you’d like to include cacao in your zoom sessions you can order online HERE and I’ll send it out to you just allow 7 days for it to arrive.

What if I can’t make it to the session I’ve booked? If you need to change the date or time of your booking, please provide 48 hours notice or your session may be forfeited.