Wheel of Consent – Art of Giving and Receiving

Starts Tuesday 27th July | 6.30 – 8.45pm
6 week course on the Wheel of Consent: The Art of Giving and Receiving

This six-week course is for people who want to create better relationships, feel more pleasure and joy, develop greater self-confidence to deliver stronger and more effective boundaries, and enjoy meaningful, respectful, and fulfilling experiences with everyone in their life.

This is not about techniques or rules but rather a solid theoretical framework and embodied practice to empower your nervous system and develop lifelong skills. It is like yoga for human relating, intimacy, and connection!

The Wheel of Consent® developed by Betty Martin is a framework and practice that supports you to develop an inner compass to understand and navigate tricky and confusing interactions with others.

Have you ever:
• gone along with what someone else wants when you did not really want to?
• been confused about overstepping someone else boundaries?
• felt icky about the touch that was being done to you?
• felt obligated to give back when you have received?
• Been unable to ask for what you really wanted and instead settled for less or went without?

The Wheel of Consent® clarifies all these scenarios and more and supports you to develop strong and consistent ways of interacting that feel good for everyone involved. Human interactions have the potential to contain wholehearted gifts and the Wheel of Consent® teaches you the art of receiving and giving those gifts without fear, guilt, resentment, or burn-out. The Wheel of Consent® can teach you to feel more empowered in your yes and no, increase awareness in your body around boundaries, wants, and limits, enhance effective communication, and increase agency in all interactions. Embodying the Wheel of Consent® is at the core of knowing it and walking away with this embedded in your nervous system is the most powerful way to apply it and transform your life. It all starts with you and your skin.

Whether you are looking for healing, learning, or improvement, this workshop offers a safe space to self-discover as a natural consequence of playing and experimenting with the activities on offer. Some activities are solo, some can be partnered, and some involve touch within specific parameters. There is NO nudity or sexual touch of any kind in this workshop.

This is not a couples workshop but if you are in couple, thruple or more you are welcome to play together, or not, depending on what you decide between you. The content is non-gendered and the space is LGBTQ+ inclusive. There will be lots of options to engage with the material in a way that works for you with choice an inherent part of the work and encouraged at all times.Each week we explore new concepts that build on the weeks before with discussions, practices, and play that deepen the work in your body, mind, and heart. The Wheel of Consent® workshops are a vital part of learning the wheel. Dr Betty Martin who developed The Wheel of Consent® generously shares her work online through www.bettymartin.org and www.schoolofconsent.org. She says, “This is the body of work I have been developing over the last dozen years, which I call the Wheel of Consent. The videos are fine, the ideas are fine – but it’s the experience of it that will change you.”

WHERE: HeART of Rest, Loft, 22 Gwilliam Drive Bibra Lake.
WHEN: Tuesday Evenings 6:30pm – 8:45pm 27th Jul – 31st Aug 2021
COST: $250. Concessions available.
6 x 2hr 15min classes plus accompanying handouts.
Places limited to 20 people.
Registrations with trybooking https://www.trybooking.com/BSMCA
Payment options include credit and online bank transfer.

PLEASE BRING: Lots of Fluff! Cushions, blankets, doonas, anything to create a comfortable, warm, and relaxing space. We will have access to yoga mats and bolsters but highly recommend soft, warm, and cosy extras; Comfortable warm layered clothes, feel free to come in your PJs and bedsocks!; Water bottle; A notebook and pen if writing things down helps you.Any queries contact Vanessa 0427968385, contact@vanessakvance.com www.vanessakvance.com

Who is your Facilitator?

Vanessa K Vance. I am a counsellor and a somatic sex educator currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts Therapies at Murdoch University. I studied counselling at Edith Cowan University (Bachelor of Counselling, 2017) and sexological bodywork with the Institute of Somatic Sexology (Certified Sexological Bodyworker, 2014). I am a certified Cuddle Party facilitator, a certified Wheel of Consent facilitator in training and facilitate various workshops and classes on embodiment, intimacy, and consent. I also have extensive experience in the tantric and shamanic arts. I am super passionate about providing opportunities for folks to develop stronger and more positive experiences within their bodies, to improve their communication and connection with others, and to experience more power and freedom as a human being. I am deeply motivated about furthering the culture of consent, embodiment, and sexual freedom and advocating for social change through individual awareness and growth.

Read more about Vanessa and her offerings at https://www.vanessakvance.com/