Sound Sessions

Every fortnight join one of our experienced sound practitioners upstairs in the loft for a deeply relaxing and grounding Sound Session. Experience sound and rhythm, creating continuous waves of vibration within a sacred space, to soothe your nervous system.

During the session, there is no ‘doing’, you are invited into a state of simply ‘being’ by lying down and soaking in the surrounding sounds, comfortably supported with blankets, eye-pillows and cushions on the floor.

Melt into an hour-long session where you absorb the soothing sound vibrations of different instruments including Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, symphonic gong, reverie harp, drum, flute, Didgeridoo (Yidaki), koshi bells and cactus rain sticks to experience a deep sense of physical relaxation and inner calm and chimes.  Where continuous waves of sound vibrations are circulated in the space to cultivate a deep sense of relaxation, calm and balance.

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or over-stimulated? Are you challenged by an over-active mind or overcome by fatigue? Or do you simply need time out from the busyness of life? Then come and gift yourself a space to slow down and rest with one of our experienced sound practitioners (check the calendar to find the next session with your favourite practitioner!)

The Benefits

The Benefits 

  • Releasing stress and tension held within the body-mind-heart
  • Creating a deeper sense of connection to Self
  • An uplifted mood or lighter spirit
  • Feelings of deep peace, calm, contentment and ease
  • Learning to let-go and relax fully into yourself

After Sound Sessions participants have described a sense of inner calm and peace, feeling more centred and deeply relaxed.  Just as energy ripples across water, sound energy vibrates through water in the human body, harmonising the physical structures, calming the mind and encouraging a release of blockages and tension – inviting the whole body-mind to vibrate freely and with lightness.

Bookings required – Please pre-book your place using the calendar below. Exchange: $25

About our Facilitators

Cassie Haywood of Soul Spirit Sound is passionate about sharing the gifts of Sound Relaxation because of the sense of deep rest and well being personally experienced with these vibrations of sound.  Cassie has qualifications in Sound from the Light Spirit Centre as well as The Academy of Ancient Wisdoms.  She also has a Bachelor of Social Work Degree. Cassie is an enthusiast of sitting quietly, resting, and practising yin yoga.  The ocean will always be her greatest medicine and her furry four legged friends are her biggest most profound teachers on the importance of deep rest and surrendering to life unconditionally.

Michael Hara of Sound Immersion is an experienced counsellor, sound healer and meditation teacher. He has travelled extensively including transformative experiences with yogic practice in India and Bali that he has continued through his life.  Living and working in Aboriginal communities gave him a deep appreciation for an ancient culture that includes respectful use of language and the Didgeridoo-Yidaki. He lives simply near the ocean with a holistic approach of  well-being and love to nourish the body, mind and spirit. He makes his offering through Mindfulness and Sound immersion to allow people to bring a grounding and resonating experience into their everyday lives.

John Mcquade from Boodjera Dreaming Sound has been on a druidic journey of discovery and remembrance of past lives for over 20yrs. Reiki Master performing healing in Charles Gardiner hospital for 15 years.

He was introduced to the power of sound during a ceremony in Stonehenge when he heard the stones singing for the first time. Since then he has taken sound via the didgeridoo around the world including the Himalayan mountains.

Tia (New Zealand Maori) for deer is the name given by my late Great Grandmother that I was raised by for the first few years of my life. I am a 6th generation NZ’er of Maori and European descent. A Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master & Indian Massage Therapist.Speciality in understanding many life experiences as a result of lived personal experience & the ability to bring all parts of the story together to then create new story lines and chapters.