Sensitive Soul Sessions with Cacao

A 90 minute deep heart immersion tailored for the highly sensitive soul, perfect if you’re looking for a little guidance on embracing and understanding the gifts and challenges of your sensitivity while feeling more grounded and calm.

Do you sometimes feel like you feel too much…or maybe there are so many feelings all at once you’re not quite sure what it is that you’re feeling? Have you ever been told that you’re too sensitive? Or found that large groups or large doses of anything tend to send you into overwhelm easily? Do you know you have a beautiful heart and capacity for empathy and connection but find it hard to create healthy boundaries in friendships and relationships?

Sensitive Soul Sessions with Cacao are an invitation to explore the gifts and challenges of your sensitivity. During these sessions we’ll speak about what it means to be living in these times as a Sensitive Soul and how many spiritual practices can actually hinder rather than help you to feel more grounded and calm.  We’ll use a very gentle dose of ceremonial cacao to bring clarity and a deeper connection to the wisdom of your heart and you’ll be guided through simple, gentle practices to help create grounding, presence and a compassionate space to hear the wisdom of your own Soul.

These sessions can be helpful in:

  • Embracing the gifts of your sensitivity
  • Unravelling toxic shame, self doubt and disconnection with your sensuality and sexual energy
  • Revealing your Soul Purpose and Vision
  • Embracing or exploring Grief and Loss
  • Inner marriage and embodiment of masculine & feminine essence
  • Exploring blocks or fears of intimacy with Self and in relationships
  • Removing blockages in Creative Projects

Using breath, yin yoga, guided meditation, tantric practices, mindful movement, conscious touch and stillness you’ll be offered tools that you can weave into your every day.

Please note while cacao can be a very powerful tool for processing anxiety and moving through periods of depression and grief this is not a counselling or psychotherapy session and no medical advice will be provided. If you are currently taking anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications please note cacao can interact with some medications. So please do discuss this with Lani when booking a session.

Read more about the magic of Cacao and the Highly Sensitive Person on our Blog.

Single Sessions: $150 for 90 minutes (includes cacao for in person sessions or 10% discount on cacao orders).

If you don’t see a slot that works for your timezone Contact Us and we’ll do our best to find a slot that works.

Cancellation Policy: All ceremonies, session packs and 6 week journeys are non refundable. When you book for each session please provide 72 hours notice if any change is required or your session may be forfeited.