Online Private Ceremony


Receive your own private cacao ceremony + a 454g block of Keith’s ceremonial cacao delivered to your home. 2 hours including cacao, intention setting, gentle movement and heart meditation. Suitable for 1-2 people. Conducted online (by Zoom).



Would you like a little support to slow down the mind and reconnect with your heart. Collectively we’re being asked to return to the simple, the slow and the kind – to remember what’s important and to heal the disconnect with mother nature. A one to one session with ceremonial cacao can be incredibly powerful for:

  • Revealing your heart’s Purpose and Vision
  • Finding peace with Grief, Loss and Uncertainty
  • Inner marriage and embodiment of masculine & feminine essence
  • Embracing your sensitivity – (empaths & highly sensitive persons)
  • Reconnecting or deepening a connection with a partner
  • Removing blockages in Creative Projects

Receive your own private cacao ceremony in the comfort of your home (online by Zoom). 2 hours including  intention setting, gentle movement and heart meditation. Suitable for 1-2 people.

You’ll be guided to drop the thinking mind and connect in with an inner sense of power and knowing. Using breath, guided meditation, sound healing, mindful movement, conscious touch and stillness you’ll be offered tools to support you in your process.

Please note while cacao can be a very powerful tool for processing anxiety and moving through periods of depression and grief this is not a counselling or psychotherapy session and no medical advice will be provided. If you are currently taking anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications please note cacao can interact with some medications. So please do discuss this with Lani when booking a session.


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