Private Sessions

Self care, love & nurturing isn’t optional for a healthy, radiant
human!  AND It’s not serving life for you to be caught in the looping
of the mind, drained, depleted or overwhelmed.

When we make a decision to turn inwards and unravel old patterns, habits and tensions in our body, mind and heart it’s a natural thing to sometimes need a little extra support. If you find it challenging to really allow yourself to rest or connect to the wisdom of your Soul or if you are in need of a supportive space, a gentle touch or a reminder of the magic of a well nurtured human you can now book a 1:1 or small group session with Lani.

The practices of yoga, tantra, mindfulness, ceremonial cacao and emotional balance will be tailored to any special needs or issues you’re working with – encouraging growth physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through compassion and embracing the inherent wisdom of the body, mind and Soul. A beautiful journey of Self Love as you reconnect to ways of better loving yourself back to wholeness!

Sensitive Soul Session with Cacao A Journey into the Heart

A 90 minute deep heart immersion tailored for the highly sensitive soul, perfect if you’re looking for a little guidance on embracing and understanding the gifts and challenges of your sensitivity while feeling more grounded and calm.

During these sessions we’ll speak about what it means to be living in these times as a Sensitive Soul and how some spiritual practices can actually hinder rather than help you to feel more grounded and calm.  We’ll use a very gentle dose of ceremonial cacao to bring clarity and a deeper connection to the wisdom of your heart and you’ll be guided through simple, gentle practices to help create space to hear the wisdom of your own Soul.

Read more about the magic of Cacao and the Highly Sensitive Person on our Blog.

Emotional Balance & Nervous System Regulation

A 90 minute session to support you in resting, nourishing resting and supporting your nervous system in both self soothing and co-regulation.

Your capacity to feel real connection with Self and Others is directly connected to the state of your nervous system and how well you regulate between fight/flight/freeze and rest/digest. All responses are beautiful, powerful and integral in our evolution as humans, but if we spend too much time in one or the other we can either burnout or stagnate.

Sessions will include a combination of yin yoga, hatha yoga, breathing, movement, meditation and reflective exercises.

Yin Yoga for Anxiety | 60 minutes

A 60 minute yin yoga & meditation session in Hilton Western Australia (or online by Zoom). During these sessions you’ll be guided through the body into the Heart, offering the invitation to slow down and listen to the innate intelligence of the body and tune into the wisdom of the Heart.

Including hands on healing, psoas rewilding and brain training tips for the Highly Sensitive Person.

Read more about Yin Yoga Here.

If you’d like something custom prepared for your birthday, blessingway, group or work gathering send Us a message with details of what you’d like and we’ll give you a quote 🙂

Lani is a qualified yoga and meditation instructor. She has studied Grief, Loss and Trauma counselling, Women’s embodiment practices, Yoga for Trauma, Psoas release, Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. She will draw from these tools to help support you in shifting stagnant energy, beliefs and holding patterns in your body to create a space for you to receive life in it’s fullness.

Cancellation Policy: All sessions and 6 week journeys are non refundable. When you book for each session please provide 48 hours notice if date or time change is needed or your session may be forfeited.