Our Facilitators

What makes heART of Rest Wellness Centre and Cafe special is we believe there is real beauty to be revealed when humans take the time to slow down and turn inwards..when we make space to BE Human BEing’s rather than Human Doings. Our facilitators share a common passion for the slow, gentle and kind and facilitate their circles, courses or events in a way that honours and empowers every individual’s need for safety, connection and sovereignty.

Lani Noble, founder of heART of Rest

My name is Lani Clare. I’m a heart facilitator, yoga & meditation instructor and mentor with a gift for helping others rediscover the joy of BEING at home within themselves. I’m a lover of the simple, gentle and kind and I believe sensitivity and emotional wisdom are super powers.

Inspired by the power of meditation and yoga for mental health and wellbeing I specialise in compassionate, mind-body-heart practices to regulate the nervous system & help you when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out or simply craving a community to connect to. 

Leaving a corporate career at 30, burnt out and disheartened, I spent many years living overseas in Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and India immersed in the study of yoga, meditation, tantra and embodiment practices. Along the way I discovered the sweetness for me was in slowing down. Physically, mentally, emotionally – it was all connected – the faster I moved the less connected I felt, and the more I slowed down and truly felt into the moment the more alive, relaxed and in awe of life I felt.

With over a decade of experience in the Government sector and another decade living, studying & teaching Yoga & Meditation I merge heart-based science and traditional mindfulness & meditation practices to support you in slowing down and regaining a sense of empowerment, relaxation and emotional balance in your life.

My passion is your REST and RECONNECTION.

Alex Oneill-King, AOK Keep Moving

Hello! I am AOK – Alex O’Neill-King. As an injured teenage dancer, I was introduced to Pilates as a rehabilitation tool by my Physiotherapist. Thankfully this practice allowed me to keep dancing for many more years – fuelling my movement curiosity, and taking me on a journey to study Dance at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I discovered a new joy helping others Keep Moving! Returning to study, I completed my Diploma of Pilates Instruction and then continued with a Physiotherapy degree (life-long student over here!). 

During my two years working at the Royal Melbourne Hospital I had the opportunity to work in a range of acute, sub-acute and outpatient roles, while continuing to teach Pilates with an amazing community of people. On the way to returning home to Perth to set-up my own business, I spent some time working in Private Practice in the Middle East, where I relished championing the active therapy approach I now help my clients with. Another favourite part of my job is providing Professional Development education, especially on the topic of Pain and Empowerment.

Now based in Bibra Lake I am fortunate to be able to provide sessions in both the AOK Keep Moving Studio and Physiotherapy space, as well as the Athlete X gym downstairs with their welcoming community – giving my clients the best of both the Pilates and the Strength & Conditioning worlds!

My mission is to empower people through education and exercise. I help people reconnect and re-build trust with their bodies, so that they can keep doing the things they love!

Michael Hara, Sound-Immersion

Michael Hara is an experienced counsellor, sound healer and meditation teacher. He has travelled extensively including transformative experiences with yogic practice in India and Bali that he has continued through his life. 

Living and working in Aboriginal communities gave him a deep appreciation for an ancient culture that includes respectful use of language and the Didgeridoo-Yidaki.

He lives simply near the ocean with a holistic approach of  well-being and love to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

He makes his offering through Mindfulness and Sound immersion to allow people to bring a grounding and resonating experience into their everyday lives.

Available for individuals, couples or groups.

Nicola Hogan, Stressless Bodyworks

Nicola Hogan is a Holistic Massage & Bodywork Therapist who specialises in supporting women across all ages and stages of life. She gently assists women who are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to release the physical and emotional symptoms of stress so that they can remember the essence of who they are.Permission to rest…A mum of 3 kids and a small business owner, Nicola knows first hand what burnout looks and feels like. Through her own personal journey of managing anxiety and PTSD, Nicola has found a balance between family life, career and play utilising all of the tools in her holistic toolbox and surrendering to the need for deep rest. After 20 years in the Wellness Industry, Nicola is uniquely equipped to help you create your own holistic toolbox and give yourself permission to rest. Nicola is a qualified remedial massage therapist, a certified Yomassage therapist, a certified pregnancy massage therapist, a meditation teacher, chair yoga instructor and children’s yoga teacher.You can find Nicola on all the usual social media channels.Book a Yomassage class: calendly.com/stresslessbodyworksperth Email enquiries:  stresslessbodyworksperth@gmail.com