Liz Smith – Awaken to Life

Sound & Stillness Friday 22nd October 7.00pm

Heart & Drum Ceremony Friday 19th November 7.00pm

Awaken to Life individual sessions, classes and ceremonies have been created as a safe sanctuary for those who are on the path of awakening, and are navigating challenging times.

Beloved clients are introduced to gentle ways to awaken awareness, cultivate intentions, grow intuition and navigate fear. Through the use of sound, guided visualisation, energy work and self-inquiry, you are encouraged to grow a relationship to what challenges you. In this way an unexpected illness, death of a parent, loss of a job, desire for purpose or an overwhelmed nervous system can be opportunities to learn how to tend to what you need in daily life.

I believe your healing journey is sacred. When you enter this realm of inner work, I’m also asking you to enter the unknown. Whilst your mind may hold hope for a specific healing outcome, together we practice staying in the unknown and become curious about what is ready to shift in your life. Ultimately what shifts is often unexpected and out of our control. That is where we can cultivate trust in the mystery and divine synchronicity to assist you on your journey.

Still with me? Perhaps you’re feeling the call to transform? I invite you to explore Awaken to Life and begin the journey of healing and embodying who you are.