Jai Ram Kaur

Mondays 10.30am to 11am Mama Baba Yoga

Wednesdays 5.15pm to 7pm Pregnancy Yoga

Wednesdays 7.15pm to 8.30pm Kundalini Yoga

Jai Ram loves sharing the profoundly effective practices and teachings that have served her, her family and many students over the past 20 years with classes, workshops, one on one consultations and teacher training.

She teaches Kundalini Yoga, which is natural medicine chest, living art form and ancient technology – potent and practical in aiding us to embrace the challenges and opportunities of our lives in these exciting, restless, unprecedented times. Besides bringing a healthy body and a happy heart and mind, Kundalini Yoga elevates consciousness, bringing a a sense of wholeness; a feeling at being at one with oneself and the world.

Jai Ram has taught Kundalini Yoga, including pregnancy, postnatal and women’s yoga, since 2006. She is also trained in Karam Kriya language of numbers. She is married with 3 now teenaged children and is a Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer offering training programmes in Perth. She is available as counsellor, offering one on one healing conversations based on Kriya Kriya, Kundalini Yoga, NLP and Family Constellation work.

Jai Ram loves to write, is a mad keen gardener, an aspiring food grower and is so so pleased to be joining the community at HeART of Rest.