Do you find yourself running from task to task, distraction to distraction, with an endless to-do list and when you do finally stop does your mind keep going? Does your nervous system feel a little frazzled? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Challenged to get to sleep at night?

Come join us for our 4 week Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness course. You’ll be guided in simple compassionate techniques grounded in the breath, body and science.

Most people have an idea they can’t meditate because their mind is too busy. Or they can’t sit in the right posture so meditation isn’t for them. Or that meditation will be a rigid dogmatic practice.

At heART of Rest we believe the benefits of meditation are for everyone. No complex techniques, postures or rigid rules, and if you prefer to sit in a chair this is fine too!

You’ll be guided through simple practices to help you cultivate present moment awareness with an emphasis on compassion and kindness. When we begin to shift our focus away from the over-thinking mind and into the heart we understand it isn’t about getting rid of the thoughts, anxieties or emotions but instead to bring more acceptance and compassion in to life in each moment.

What to expect?

During our 4 weeks together we’ll explore:

  • What is meditation and mindfulness, including the benefits of a regular practice.
  • How negative thoughts and emotions can wreak havoc on our nervous system and discover simple tools to help reset, rest and retrain the mind.
  • Gentle movement & breath to support your meditation practice
  • Bringing more loving presence, acceptance and compassion into your daily life so you have space to respond rather than react to challenges
  • Techniques for mindful breathing, capturing the uncaught mind, loving kindness and embracing the wisdom of the heart

Compassion ~ Courage ~ Connection

When implementing change we go on a little rollercoaster ride. We’re creating new neural pathways in the brain. Whenever we set down this path of transformation we can experience an emotional cycle of change – starting with optimism but quickly moving towards feeling disheartened or giving up when the initial buzz of trying something new wears off and the call for real resolve begins.

Practicing with the support of a group will help you meet the moments of challenge with kindness and help keep you inspired to continue your practice. In these times where it’s easy to feel lonely and isolated connecting with like minded community can be a beautiful medicine. Together we remember no matter how busy or stressful our lives may feel at times, there is a stillness and a peace that lives in each and every one of us.

Next course dates:

15th October 6.45 – 7.45pm | Body For Life | Success $79 for 4 weeks

Who is your facilititator?

Lani is the founder of heART of Rest. A qualified Yin and Hatha yoga and Meditation instructor she has studied Grief, Loss and Trauma counselling, Organisational Behaviour, Women’s embodiment practices, Yoga for Trauma and the Science of Compassion. Drawing from all of these tools her intention is to support participants in cultivating awareness and unravelling stress and tension in the body and mind so they can receive life in it’s fullness.

Before beginning her journey as a yoga and meditation teacher Lani worked in the Corporate environment for over 10 years in upper level management. During her time with the government she studied Organisational Behaviour and Stress Management because she saw first hand in her own life and the lives of her colleagues how debilitating stress could be.

Lani shares from her own journey with stress, depression and anxiety and navigating the world as a sensitive and empathic individual. She creates a beautiful safe space where participants are encouraged to explore and embrace their perfectly human messiness with an attitude of witnessing and compassion. Bringing a balance between science, wellbeing and spirituality that most participants find refreshing and digestable.

“Through yoga, meditation and living in community I learnt to practice deep listening and I discovered there was a lighter way to live. It wasn’t about pretending stress or emotions didn’t exist but instead to find the tools that worked for me to help me be really present when they arose. The ‘way’ for me was to cultivate more mindfulness and compassion, to stop fighting against life, practice openness and embrace what was left & really listen to the wisdom of my body and Heart. I am so grateful for all of the teachers and mentors that offered safe passage for me to navigate my most challenging moments. I’m so blessed to now be able to share this wisdom with others.”