Honouring Grief

This grief circle is safe space to honour where you are in your experience of grief and loss of a loved one through any circumstance – Death, loss of relationship/marriage, loss of someone to illness, yet still living.

A safe space to gather in circle, as we would have done many many years ago.

An intentional few hours to sit and be with what is present for us as we navigate loss & the movement of grief through us & our lives.

Grief is an essential and primal response to loss, an experience we are all certain of during our lifetime.

This circle is held for all circumstances & life experiences that ask & invite us to allow grief to move through us.
Death or distance of a loved one, one we are estranged from, have or had a complicated relationship with. Loss through illness yet still living. Loss of child born or unborn. Broken relationship/divorce, home, career, friendship. Loss of self/identity, homeland, culture, planet, or pet. All losses welcome, nothing too big or too small.

There are many more scenarios that mean we experience loss, grief is not only a ‘reasonable response to death’ despite what our cultural storyline tells us.

In circle we find a place that invites all of us, no part of us or our experience needs be justified nor denied, allowing us find balance in holding our whole human experience.

What to expect
– A warm and welcoming space, your own spot to sit, a warm cup of tea made for you.
– An Introduction and Grounding
– A sharing circle, is opened. Guidelines will be shared to keep the circle a safe place for all. Your presence is enough, you do not have to speak.
– Some restful breath/movement/yin or restorative yoga (inclusive for all – no yoga experience needed)

One or combination of the below:
– Conversation
– Debunking the ‘social norms’ & beliefs around loss & grief
– Self care practices
– A ritual honouring our loss
– Closing circle and grounding

-Delicious snacks & time to chat

What to bring:
– Journal and a pen
– Water bottle
– Any blanket, cushion or clothing that brings you comfort or joy.
– You are welcome and encouraged to bring any item, memento or photo significant to any aspect of your loss, to place at the alter.

This space is offered for you to gently explore your own unique experience, your inner guidance to navigate & integrate, no matter how recent or distant (define for yourself) your loss.

-$65 Follow the ticket link to book or contact the email below for more information or enquiries.honouringgrief@yahoo.com
Booking is essential – small groups.

If you haven’t been to a support event like this before & feel unsure in anyway, please reach out via the email above.

Honouring Grief offers space to support the journey of grief. We do not advise you change any other support you may have in place – Therapy, counselling, Or medication without seeking advice from the the professional involved in your ongoing care.

Your Facilitator?

Julia King from Honouring Grief, Perth, Jules has been consciously navigating layers of grief for the last 6 years, the catalyst being the loss of her mum to ovarian cancer in 2015.

While exploring my relationship with grief, I have trained in Hatha/Yin and restorative yoga, meditation & mindfulness. Studied grief and trauma, heart/mind connection, MBSR – mindful based stress reduction, ‘holding safe spaces’ – Australian Grief and Bereavement Centre’, and attended ‘ The art of dying’ workshop.

My most nurturing discoveries come from the practice of presence in the heart, nature as a guide and companion, & compassion as the container for not just our loss’ but our entire human experience.

The unravelling continues as I navigate the less frequent but ongoing waves and complexities of loss & grief.

Cancellation Policy: We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens, for cancellations received within 7 days of the event a full refund is available. For cancellations with 3 days notice a 30 day credit for a future heART of Rest event will be offered. Please email lani@heartofrest.com.au for refunds or credits.