heART of Rest

heART of RestSo here we go…this is me diving in deep and putting words to a project that’s been brewing for some years called the heART of Rest. A project to support others in the art of slowing down through self enquiry, radical self acceptance, yoga, meditation, trauma release….and the co-creation of like hearted community.


As the western world seems to get a little crazier day by day many are realising the need to look within. But living in a society that doesn’t seem to really value REST or Stillness it can be hard to find the rest and unwavering peace of mind we so desperately crave. Even when we think we’re doing all the right things with diet, exercise, yoga & meditation the mind is still wired and body exhausted as we turn ourselves inside out trying to be someone. Trying to find our way home. We don’t seem able to give ourselves permission to REST exactly as we are right now.

As a collective it’s time we choose to make Rest a valuable part of our daily lives and define what real Rest looks and feels like.  There is an Art (or is that Heart) to Resting, and that art is right here in every exquisite breath if only we are willing to slow down enough to feel & appreciate it.

This is my life’s work. Why? After struggling against depression, grief and exhaustion for a good chunk of this adult life – I’m now choosing to really listen to this very wise body and Heart as it shows me another way. That ‘way’ is to stop fighting against life, to practice openess, to let go, to surrender and to be still – what is left then? The Rest, the stillness of the Heart.

But where there is a backlog of stress & trauma held in the body – the body really does keep the score – I’ve found that I and many of my students need more practical & playful ways to release and return to their bodies. So I’m completing further studies in the emerging field of nervous system repair & myofascial release so I can provide greater support to others in self healing & releasing unprocessed stress & trauma.

Over the years I’ve had the joy of travelling and meeting so many of you and experiencing such amazing heart connections with you…and I know many of you also really believe in this work and have been waiting to join in on more events and community offerings.

So as my personal journey unfolds I’ll be updating my website to include the heART of Rest to share emerging research, guided meditations and relaxations & inspiring stories of students embodying the way of Rest. I know how desperately this work and sanctuary is needed here in Perth and ultimately all over the western world. Why? Because it has been my personal journey.

For 6 years I lived away from Perth in communities that supported me while I dedicated my daily life to slowing down and tuning in to a stillness that arises from within. I’ve been blessed to train in many different yoga & meditation modalities over the years with amazing teachers of the Heart including Hridaya hatha yoga and Yin yoga.

And as life flows I’ve now found myself living with a very special Buddhist community in Perth with my teacher Prem Vishrant. Vishrant’s name means rest and he teaches The Way of the Heart and together with some other beautiful practitioners we’re offering retreats to provide more opportunities for us to REST together at the sanctuary of Restful Waters in Bedfordale –  a beautiful new yoga, meditation & counselling centre. I’ve been called to dive all the way in and be clear in my commitment to supporting others in Rest.

While my own journey continues each day, my greatest joy and excitement is in helping others to find REST – through loving presence, self enquiry, yoga and meditation. There is nothing more magical in this world than to see the fresh sparkle in the eye that comes when someone’s entire body, mind & Heart is at rest.


When we start to slow down in the body we can start to tune in to the inner stillness, and REST becomes possible no matter where we are or what we’re doing, because it is what we ARE at our very core.

So it’s my deepest heart’s wish that we all slow down, that we re-define what rest looks like and learn to reconnect with our true nature – which is naturally restful, content and still. And I hope that the heART of Rest will provide a sanctuary (virtually & one day soon geographically) for those who know deep in their hearts that it is time to come Home…it’s time to REST.

Thank you all for your incredible support over these wild & wonderful years. May we all know the sweetness of resting in the Heart.

Eternal love & gratitude