Grounded – Rebuilding Trust in your Body

– Do you feel disconnected from your body?
– Want to build strength, but “traditional” gyms or group classes feel like too much of a jump from where you currently are?
– Have physical goals but they seem like impossible tasks because of sensitivity, fatigue or other health challenges?
– Want to feel safe & supported within your own body and that you have a strong home to carry you through the world?

Join us for this special Saturday afternoon workshop with physio and pilates instructor Alex Oneill-King from AOK Keep Moving. Together we’ll explore the power of pilates and functional range conditioning in grounding and rebuilding trust within our bodies.

Saturday 5th June | 1.00 – 2.30pm | Bibra Lake

Who is this for?
No previous experience is needed for this workshop. Open to anyone wanting to better understand their body or who experience persistent pain and want to re-discover that movement can be a healing tool, not something to be feared and avoided. 

What will we be doing?
Through a combination of mindful movement practices – Pilates and Functional Range conditioning – you will:
– Explore your bodies current capabilities
– Discover clues around current movement barriers 
– Re-acquaint yourself with lost sensations, sometimes masking as pain
– Begin to re-connect your solid foundations
– Build Trust within your body, from the ground up. 

With new felt experience and insight into your own body, AOK will then share with you a short talk to help you understand the theory of:
– Basic pain physiology & how the body keeps score
– How pain, emotions, movement and other physical sensations can become “wired” together 
– Why movement can often be our greatest tool in overcoming stress, pain and bodily disconnect

Limited to 12 people to ensure there is time and space for questions and interaction,

Cost: $80
Where: heART of Rest Wellness Centre | 22 Gwilliam Drive, Bibra Lake

“This was the first Pilates class I have ever attended.  What a difference it made to my awareness of my own body and its potential strength as well as a major improvement to the pain and tightness I had been experiencing in my hamstrings and glutes.  Alex is a skilled and gentle teacher, providing the guidance and encouragement when I needed it. “- Jo

“Alex is a wealth of knowledge in regards to pain and created a safe place to explore movement and reconnect with my body. She has a gentle and informative approach to exploring our bodies abilities and the teaching she provided did surprise me how much feedback can encourage more movement in my body.”- Emma

“Wanting to move your body but have persistent paint that stops you? The best thing you can do is attend Alex O’Neill-King’s Pain Workshop.  This is what I did, she offered me a safe place to explore guided movement  in my own body and helped me understand the connection with the brain. I came away feeling educated about the ways I can move my body. There was an open discussion at the end to answer any questions that i had. Go check it out!” – Laura Taylor

Who is your facilitator?
Hello! I am AOK – Alex O’Neill-King. As an injured teenage dancer, I was introduced to Pilates as a rehabilitation tool by my Physiotherapist. Thankfully this practice allowed me to keep dancing for many more years – fuelling my movement curiosity, and taking me on a journey to study Dance at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I discovered a new joy helping others Keep Moving! Returning to study, I completed my Diploma of Pilates Instruction and then continued with a Physiotherapy degree (life-long student over here!). 

During my two years working at the Royal Melbourne Hospital I had the opportunity to work in a range of acute, sub-acute and outpatient roles, while continuing to teach Pilates with an amazing community of people. On the way to returning home to Perth to set-up my own business, I spent some time working in Private Practice in the Middle East, where I relished championing the active therapy approach I now help my clients with. Another favourite part of my job is providing Professional Development education to other Pilates Instructors – helping them to “connect the dots” between current best-practice-guidelines and their teaching, especially on the topic of Pain and Empowerment.

Now based in Bibra Lake I am fortunate to be able to provide sessions in both the AOK Keep Moving Studio and Physiotherapy space, as well as the Athlete X gym downstairs with their welcoming community – giving my clients the best of both the Pilates and the Strength & Conditioning worlds!

My mission is to empower people through education and exercise. I help people reconnect and re-build trust with their bodies, so that they can keep doing the things they love!