“A woman’s body is a vessel for evolution. Not only the womb is a microcosmic experience of the greater cosmic creativity, but a woman’s body is aligned to the greater cycles of nature. When we come closer to our bodies, we come closer to the universal dance. The wisdom and rhythms that we have as a culture forgotten, and we live in the consequences of the separation from these rhythms, destroying ourselves and our world. So women are the teachers. We as a collective are waiting for the women to come forth and bring back this intimate knowing we have in our bodies about the cycles and rhythms and how the universe moves. Women through their bodies can guide us back to a sustainable way of living.”
~ Chameli Ardagh, Awakening Women

Welcome to Week 3, allow this week to be a game, a return home to the innocence of your pleasure. From awakening the hands to feeling the movement of emotions in your body. This is a week of deepening your connection and acceptance of emotions as they arise. And a week of noticing how shame arises for you and how you can continue to turn up the volume on your voice of self love.

Embracing your feminine essence, Shame & Pleasure

Home Play Tasks

“Pleasure is my birthright
I make love to life
I feel, sense, see, touch, hear, taste and move my way to aliveness”

The invitation for this week is to let pleasure, gratitude & celebration be a part of your daily experience. The real journey is one towards non resistance so include all emotional experiences (even the more challenging ones) in your practice but because our antenna is often more finely tuned to pain & discomfort take this week to bring more awareness towards uplifting emotions.

1.Self Love journal

Week 3: A celebration of the gifts of emotions, sensitivity & sensuality.

  • Continue writing your daily compassionate dialogue but now include specific ways in which emotions, sensitivity & sensuality are gifts.
  • Include in your dialogue every day the words ILOVE YOU
  • When you were young were you told your emotions, sensitivity or sensuality were too much or wrong? Can you see ways you may have internalised that voice? You can’t undo the past but you can create a new voice, new patterns & new neural pathways that nourish body, mind and heart.

Tip: Allow this week be one of focussing on increasing the volume of gratitude and loving kindness and decreasing the volume on shame, guilt, doubt and criticism.

2. Morning routine

  • Self Touch & Tenderness. Continue with your loving touch with hands on heart and/or belly before you get out of bed. ADD the words I LOVE YOU.
  • Activate your physical and energy body. Adding to your morning routine add an additional 1-5 minutes of movement through the hips and spine with the intention of evoking pleasure points/aliveness.

    Ideas:Sufi Circles, Circling, Ball along spine, Dance, Waking up the hands, QOYA circling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl5E-VXSLs4

3. Mindfulness of Energy States & Toolkit Worksheet

Throughout the week watch the subtle ways your energy shifts from one state to another and ask questions with curiosity:
– What does it feel like when I’m in my Window of Tolerance, Overwhelm or Stagnation?
– What emotional trigger shifted me to that state?
– What story do I tell myself about this trigger and state?
– Which tools help me to self soothe in this moment.

Tip: Begin to capture this information on your Toolkit Worksheet, and make love notes to leave around your home to remind you of your favourite tools.

Waking up the Hands Practice

“Your hands have more nerve endings per area than anywhere on your body other than your lips and your genitals. A huge number of nerve receptors and therefore a huge number of brain cells dedicated to taking that in, so that means your hands are capable of a high degree of specificity and noticing and they’re capable of an astounding degree of pleasure as well.” ~ Betty Martin