There is an epidemic of women feeling empty or exhausted.

When we spend too much time living from our heads alone,
the heartache of not feeling connected to our bodies creeps in.

Is it time to come home to you?

A 6 week journey of Grounding, Nourishment & Self Love

The Women’s Deep Rest Yin Nest is a 6 week course of Yin Yoga, Womb Meditation, Nervous System Regulation, gentle movement, emotional awareness and self acceptance.

A space to rest, share and be nurtured.

To remember the wisdom and life force that lays dormant in your womb and in mother nature’s changing seasons.

🔻 Would you like to connect with other heart centred women?
🔻 Do you feel tired, overwhelmed or in need of nurturing?
🔻 How connected to Mother Nature are you, and her changing seasons?
🔻 Are you an empath, introvert or highly sensitive and prefer small groups?

You’ll be offered a supportive space and gentle practices to explore your connection to YIN/feminine energy and unravel stress, overwhelm and exhaustion the body may have been holding.

So you can feel lighter but more deeply connected to your Self.

What’s Included?

~ 6 weekly 90 minute in person classes (held in Treeby Western Australia)
~ Yin Yoga, Womb Meditation, Deep Rest, Gentle Movement & Compassionate Mindfulness
~ A link to downloadable guided practices
~ 10% discount on private sessions with Lani

You’ll be guided in simple, slow practices to help you find the stillness you’ve been craving.

You’ll begin to notice where your body has been carrying stress, shame and overwhelm in your nervous system. And Let Go.

You’ll develop resources to help you slow down and channel the wisdom of feminine intuition.

The Deep Rest Yin Nest is a cocoon of intentional Self Love and Slowness.

So you can feel soft, spacious and more embodied.

“I loved every minute. You have a very special gift Lani of creating and holding a space to unravel and explore this beautiful practice. Thank you.”

“Lani creates a warm, safe and supportive nest where everyone can share and connect. The power of connecting with other women is necessary, but often missing from our everyday lives. I have learned many practices that I can do at home. I feel like I’ve finally come home and am enjoying learning and exploring about myself and just be-ing!”

“So much gratitude to Lani for taking my heart through this journey. All I have ever wanted to do was connect, give, love, while holding my own core simultaneously. You shared with me how to slip into this space today. I am at a loss for words. Thank you.”

“I loved knowing that each week I had 90 minutes to invest in my self through these gentle poses of yin yoga, contained within the safe container that Lani holds for us all, surrounded by beautiful heart centred women who were also connecting to their heart and womb space in this amazing space together! Coming back home to myself, in the company of other sisters who are also coming home to themselves, was a a weekly act of healing, celebration, connection, actualisation and activism! I am so enjoying these yin yoga sessions and Red Tents, thank you Lani”

How would you like to feel?

We’re often taught to only focus on planning and structuring our lives and what we can see with our eyes or hold with our hands. Part of embracing feminine wisdom is in honouring the FEELING part of you.

From my own personal journey and the feedback received from the thousands of women I’ve worked with, a regular Yin and Embodiment practice can leave you feeling more:

  • Grounded in your body & centred in the present
  • Connected to pleasure as a nourishing & healing presence
  • Resourced to manage busy periods in your life
  • Confident in establishing healthy boundaries that nurture your wise heart
  • Aware of the beauty in your sensitivity and sensuality
  • Naturally connected to your radiance, intuition and power

And that all translates into every day life with:
– Sleeping better
– Feeling more loving and patient with your children (and work colleagues)
– Deeper communication and connection with your intimate partner

So take a moment to close your eyes, how would you like to feel at the end of 6 weeks of self care and nurturing?

Why work with me?

Hi, I’m Lani, the heart & voice behind heArt of Rest. A space for you to receive nurturing and support as you step into your authentic sensitive self – calm, radiant and revitalised. ⁠

I worked for the Tax Office for more than a decade – I know what it feels like to be caught in the mental looping of the mind completely disconnected from my body. Through the process of recreating my own life I now prioritise Rest, Self Love and trusting myself.

I’ve spent the last 10 years studying, practicing and teaching Women’s Embodiment practices, Yoga for Trauma, Tools for the Highly Sensitive Person, Grief Loss and Trauma Counselling, Psoas release, Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. Drawing from all of these tools (and my own walk through the fires of transformation) I support you in resting in your own Being.

As you shift stagnant energy, beliefs and holding patterns in your body I’ll be there to guide you to your own inner wisdom.

I believe your emotional wisdom and sensitivity is a gift. A gift that is screaming to be seen, heard, loved & shared. When the world we live in doesn’t openly appreciate the many gifts of the feminine intuition and emotional wisdom it’s easy to be left feeling overwhelmed, uncomfortable, uninspired and disempowered. But there is so much we can do to support your beautifully sensitive nervous system and harness the power of your emotions.⁠

For as long as I can remember I was told I was too sensitive and the message that stuck was “my emotions are bad and it’s not safe to express them”. So I tried to keep them all hidden playing the people pleaser and letting perfectionism control my life. I struggled under the weight of all the words and feelings I hadn’t expressed. Until eventually my body said No More and I began to listen.

I am so grateful for the teachers, guides and friends that offered safe passage for me to navigate the mystery of the feminine and my own wisdom and radiance. I’m so blessed to now be able to share this journey with you.

Please note while yoga and meditation can be a very powerful tool for processing anxiety and moving through periods of depression and grief this is not a replacement for counselling or psychotherapy session and no medical advice will be provided. Recommendations to heart centred counsellors, psychotherapists and health professionals can be provided to support your journey if needed.

Can’t make it to this small group session? Not based in Perth? Or would prefer to work 1:1? You can book private sessions with Lani, conducted by Zoom or in Treeby. Contact Lani for more details