Ceremonial Cacao Perth

Inspired by the power ceremonial cacao provides in HEALING, CREATIVITY and CONNECTION heART of Rest provides you with access to high quality ceremonial grade cacao from some of our most loved parts of the world including Guatemala and Peru.

Lani’s call to work with the spirit of cacao came while she lived in Guatemala receiving guidance from Keith Wilson, affectionately known as the chocolate shaman. 10 years later she continues to work personally and professionally with this beautiful medicine and shares it in many different ways.

Now with ceremonial cacao more readily available it’s important to ask questions about where your cacao comes from and how was it processed. You’ll find 2 of our favourite cacao’s here, chosen because we have a personal relationship with the company founders and trust the way in which they source and process the cacao to ensure it is not only suitable for ceremonial purpose but also fair trade.

What is ceremonial grade cacao?

Ceremonial cacao is an ancient plant medicine, a wisdom keeper, a teacher and facilitator. Gently she will guide you to the door of the heart, but she won’t take you anywhere you don’t want to go, simply inviting you to join her for a journey through the veil and into the light.

An ancient Mayan myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rain-forest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to harmony. In one of our chocolate shaman’s early communications with the cacao spirit, She referred to cacao as “The Food for the Shift”. Ceremonial Cacao has the quantity and balance of compounds and energies to properly support the cacao spirit in partnering with you.

From a more practical perspective cacao is C H O C O L A T E in it’s original unrefined form. That is without having any of it’s properties removed – most cacao’s that you buy in healthfood stores have had the cacao butter removed. In it’s whole form cacao has an incredible list of benefits for the mind, body & heart, including:⠀

* Theobromine, a known vasodilator that acts as a “driver” of nutrients and chemicals into the tissues.
* Magnesium for a healthy heart, brain & relaxation of muscles⠀
* Antioxidants to help defend against free radicals that cause tissue damage⠀
* Iron that is readily absorbed by your body
* Natural mood elevator – phenylethylamine (PEA) – nature’s own anti-depressant.
* Cannabinoid neurotransmitter called anandamide, the word anandamide is derived from the Sanskrit word, ananda, meaning, bliss.

If you find yourself sometimes lost in the loop of the overthinking or anxious mind or suffer from tension in the body that just doesn’t want to let go – cacao is a great way to invite in relaxation, calmness and a sense of wellbeing.⠀She is also a powerful tool for focussing and gaining clarity in creative projects and team connections.

We believe in chocolate heart alchemy and the support cacao provides you to connect with the wisdom of your Heart. She is an incredible tool for creative works, team building, meditation, conflict resolution, emotional processing, journeying, therapy, group facilitation, sound healing, kirtan and coaching…in the words of our chocolate shaman:

she is truly helpful, a major facilitator from inner change and play – to outer creativity and productivity, all with a heart-centred focus.’ ~ Keith Wilson

Cacao Guided Meditation

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Cacao Heart Ritual: Grounding & Inviting in the Spirit of Cacao + Intention Setting

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What is a cacao ceremony? 

We come together to drink a gentle dose of ceremonial grade cacao, prepared from cacao grown in the rain forests of Guatemala and selected by a chocolate shaman through his connection to the Spirit of Cacao.

A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to welcome the wisdom and beauty of mother earth and plant medicines. An invitation to see all life as precious and as having a great wisdom to share with us when we slow down long enough to LISTEN.

“I believe the magic of the most beautiful heart centred teachers – particularly plant medicines is to reveal to you the gifts that already lay inside of you. To help you appreciate the subtleties of this beautiful life.” ~ Lani

During each cacao ceremony we set an intention to allow this beautiful gentle plant based medicine to help us:⠀
~ open to our creative potential⠀
~ connect in with our natural state of ease and relaxation⠀
~ connect with our heart
~ reveal warmth and joy at our very core

Lani has been offering these ceremonies since 2014 where she discovered the magic of combining a cacao ceremony with gentle movement and meditation while living in Peru. Since returning to Perth in 2016 she began offering monthly ceremonies (previously called Cacao Yoga & Chocolate Yoga). They’re a gentle combination of movement, ritual and heart circle to help create a sense of safety and community while connecting to the purity and wisdom of the heart.

Why do we combine cacao with yoga & meditation? Cacao is rich in antioxidants. This super food increases the blood flow and tissue oxygenation, opening the heart and giving clarity and focus of the mind. Cacao also contains over 300 compounds including magnesium, a muscle relaxant associated with feelings of calmness. Combining cacao with yoga poses we begin to explore the incredible intelligence of our bodies in healing.

What sort of yoga will be practiced during these sessions? Classes will be a gentle fusion of yin and hatha yoga with different themes depending on the season. Focussing on long, slow movements maintaining awareness of the breath and Heart. We invite the spirit of cacao to support us in releasing stress, tensions and anxieties in the mind, body and Heart and to help us connect in with the full potential of our creativity.

Who is your facilitator? Lani is a lover of ceremonial cacao and the power of this gentle heart medicine. Dedicated to a life of inner enquiry, service and embodiment she has a curiosity for truth, nature and sharing the wisdom of the Heart.

In 2012 while travelling overseas she found herself living in Guatemala sitting many cacao ceremonies with a cacao shaman. A love affair began and she lived in the very beautiful Lake Atitlan on and off for the next 4 years and her journey with the spirit of cacao connected her to something very beautiful – the richness of life lived from Gentleness. Kindness. Sweetness.

“Her presence and her gentle hand holding mine is always present. I believe she stays with me because She helped me wake up to something so beautiful in me – the richness of life lived from Gentleness. Kindness. Sweetness. She helped me to Allow life to truly touch me and to connect with my own innate creativity and wisdom.”

While teaching a yoga and meditation class in Peru she discovered the magic of ceremonial cacao combined with yoga. Now she lives in Perth and shares her connection to cacao with others in group ceremonies and private sessions and in the heART of Rest Cafe and Wellness Centre. She is part of an international group of cacao practitioners each sharing their connection to cacao in their own unique ways (yoga, meditation, dance, reiki, sound healing, corporate training just to name a few). Her passion is supporting others to find their unique connection to the spirit of cacao. With a passion for embracing life in all its beautiful humanness Lani gently guides her students on a deep journey through the body into the Heart.

Her style of yoga and her connection to the cacao spirit are an authentic, powerful mix that takes everyone deep into what they need in the moment.

Qualifications: Lani holds a 500-hour RYT Certificate as a Hridaya Hatha Yoga and Meditation instructor and a 200-hour RYT Certificate as a Yin Yoga instructor. She has studied Grief, Loss and Trauma counselling, Tantra, Women’s Embodiment Practices, Yoga for Trauma, Art of Feminine Presence and Sacred Sexuality.

Know the spirit of cacao will play wherever she is called so if you have a special event or idea in mind contact Lani directly on 0434 748 758 to see what magic wants to be woven!

“Lani holds such a beautiful space. She allows you to drop in so deep into whatever process you are needing and allows you to feel so supprted and nourished. I always come out ‘different’ from any of her classes. There is really such magic that is experienced there. So grateful.” ~ Sarah

“Lani’s yin yoga class is just lovely. You’ll be gently guided by the rhythm of her calm voice seducing you into the postures but more important into the silence and heartspace. At the end of the class I was left with a grounded felt-sense of my body and a stilled peaceful mind. Sometimes even in pure bliss. Open to allow the sunlight in or to move into a quiet relaxing eve ready for a good night sleep.” ~ Evy

“As a facilitator and teacher of the wisdom of cacao, Lani has a skill at translating the innate and deep wisdom of ancient traditions into an easily understood and applicable way. She informs participants and trainees of the practical and emotional benefits of cacao, yoga and stillness so that one is informed and inspired to integrate the practises into ones daily life. As a facilitator of cacao ceremonies, she creates a safe space for individuals to drop into the depths of their internal world and reconnect with the inherit wisdom that lies within. As a teacher, she provides important frameworks by which to work with cacao in a respectful, safe and nurturing way. She is a highly professional business woman with a wealth of knowledge and experiences. I highly recommend Lani as both a facilitator of cacao ceremonies and a teacher of learning the art of sacred ritual.” ~ Jae