Lani Noble


My name is Lani. I’m a heart facilitator and a yoga, meditation and embodiment teacher with a gift for helping others to slow down and find their way home in their own bodies and hearts. And I’m a lover of the simple, gentle, compassionate and kind.

At 30 I realised the life I was living wasn’t one I consciously signed up for. After the ending of my marriage and the death of my mother in law I left my corporate career and started an epic adventure into the mysteries of knowing myself.  Along the way I discovered the sweetness for me was in slowing down. Physically, mentally, emotionally – it was all connected – the faster I moved the less connected I felt, and the more I slowed down and truly felt into the moment the more alive, relaxed and in awe of life I felt.


After 7 years travelling, studying yoga and meditation & living overseas in beautiful communities I returned to Perth where I now live with my partner and step son and have created Perth’s first Cacao Cafe in Bibra Lake. A centre immersed in nature, rich with wildlife and a hub for healing and where people can Meet themselves and each other in the heart.

Inspired by the power of meditation and yoga for mental health and wellbeing I specialise in compassionate, mind-body-heart practices to regulate the nervous system & help you when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out or simply craving a community to connect to. 

With over a decade of experience in the Government sector and another decade living, studying & teaching Yoga, Meditation & Feminine Embodiment I merge business, heart-based science and traditional mindfulness & meditation practices to support you in slowing down and regaining a sense of empowerment, relaxation and emotional balance in your life.

My passion is YOUR REST. I’m particularly passionate about supporting busy mums and working women in embracing and resting into their natural sensitivities, emotional wisdom, strength and grace.

Offering support and love for seekers of truth and the wisdom of the heart I continue to immerse myself in the day to day living of Meditation, Yoga and Emotional Balance. I also have a special interest in yoga as a tool for stress, anxiety, grief, sleep and depression.

I believe this life is to be loved and lived and that it is our birthright to thrive not just survive. I also believe vulnerability, self acceptance, gentleness, kindness and embodying the fullness of our emotions is key to living an inspired, wholehearted life.

I am honoured by all of the magical hearts that choose to work with me each day and who every day teach me what it means to truly be alive in this world. Thank you for being a part of this precious journey home.

Namaste….the light in me sees and honours the light in you and I look forward to working with you <3

Lani xxx

You can read more about the special events and offerings held at the Wellness Centre, or more about my Journey or Book a Session with me to explore your own inner journey.


‘The only beauty that lasts, is the beauty of the Heart ~ Rumi

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