“If we dare to touch the world around us…we can truly create something amazing”.

Wellness Centre

In February we are moving our events to Treeby, 30 minutes from Fremantle and Perth.
heART of Rest is a Cacao and Wellness Centre created to provide you a sanctuary to Rest, Be and Connect.
A place where gentle, subtle, slow and beauty are all honoured. Where connection and relationships are nurtured.
A sanctuary, a place to take refuge, a gathering space for a community of heart awakening souls to refill their cups.

Offering ceremonial cacao by the cup and in take home blocks and pre-ground blends, our nature sanctuary is a little slice of all the magic you might have experienced in nature loving communities overseas or down south just 30 minutes from Fremantle and Perth.

On five beautiful acres of natural bush our new home base is at the beautiful Ameling Property. Ameling welcomes all who follow a spiritual path, those seeking personal growth and healing, and those who wish to deepen their relationship with like minded folk and Mother Earth. Ameling was first settled in the mid 60’s and has since been home to several colourful spiritually minded communities. This magical property is simple, rustic and intended to support you in reconnecting with the beauty of mother nature.


Let life become a little slower and leave feeling nourished by time spent with other like hearted nature lovers.

With programs and events to support you when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out or simply craving a community to connect to.  Come experience the profound stillness and healing of heart centred practices including yoga, mindfulness, sound healing, ceremonial cacao, trauma release and the co-creation of like hearted community.

Meet our Facilitators Here

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