“If we dare to touch the world around us…we can truly create something amazing”.

heART of Rest is a yoga & mindfulness consultancy specialising in programs to support you when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out or simply craving a community to connect to.  Offering heart centred practices of yoga, mindfulness, ceremonial cacao, trauma release and the co-creation of like hearted community.

This is also a space to share emerging research, guided meditations, yoga, relaxations & inspiring stories of beautiful people embodying the way of Rest. As the western world seems to get a little crazier day by day wanting more, doing more, achieving more, more, more, more I hear people telling me just how tired they are – physically, mentally and emotionally. Why is it that giving ourselves permission to rest seems so elusive?

How do we really connect to the rest and unwavering peace of mind we so desperately crave? A big piece for me came when I finally started to accept Rest as a valuable and non negotiable part of my life, and to acknowledge this is completely opposite to what the culture I grew up in led me to believe.

When I began to feel and believe rest is valuable I allowed myself to rest.

As a collective it’s time we choose to make Rest a valuable part of our daily lives and define what real Rest looks and feels like.  There is an Art (or is that Heart) to Resting, and that art is right here in every exquisite breath if only we are willing to slow down enough to feel & appreciate it.

This is my life’s work. Why? After struggling against depression, grief and exhaustion for a good chunk of this adult life I’m now choosing to really listen to this very wise body and Heart as it shows me another way. That ‘way’ is to stop fighting against life, to practice openness, to let go, to surrender and to stop trying so hard – what is left then?

The Rest, the mystery, the joy, the sweet sorrows and the stillness of the Heart.

Where there is a backlog of stress & trauma held in the body (the body really does keep the score) I’ve found we also need some practical & playful ways to release tension and learn how to come ‘home’ into our bodies and this is where the practice of yoga, movement, breath and sound can be so powerful.

I hope this space will inspire you to explore the beauty of Resting and the magic of embracing yourself completely, in all your wonderful human messiness. Follow your bliss, your highest excitement and know that ALL of you is welcome here. May we all know the sweetness of resting in the Heart and the safety of being at home in our body.

If you have something you’d like to share on heART of Rest or would like to know more about the yin, hatha and ceremonial cacao programs I offer please get in touch with me here.

Eternal love & gratitude


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