To the conscious heart awakened man. From a sensitive sensual woman. Thank you.

Thank you for seeing and cherishing me as beauty
For seeing the subtle ways that Shakti weaves herself through every cell of who I am
Respecting the power in my gentleness and vulnerability
Feeling the pull to protect and care for the openness and softness you see in me
And never asking me to be stronger, or to feel less – knowing this would be like asking a flower to change it’s scent

Thank you for knowing I am a soft feminine sensual woman who has journeyed deeply in order to peel back layers of harshness to reveal this beauty. 
For understanding I would I not cover Her back up again even if you wanted me to be something else
And for knowing the chasm between us that a request to be anything but this beauty would leave.

Thank you for seeing the depth of the journey I’ve taken to be the woman I am today and for not taking that for granted or underestimating the power that rests in this quietness.
For trusting me to take responsibility for my own safety and asking for what I need
And for knowing sometimes you can offer what is needed, and at other times I will step away to honour my boundaries or meet my own needs.

Thank you for taking your time before making promises
For knowing what is it that you want
For feeling and
Knowing what you feel in yourself
Knowing what it is you feel in me
Knowing what it is you feel between us
Remembering you are God, Source, Truth, Grace
Trusting that nothing we share can ever change that
And for allowing our connection to be an invitation of the greatest remembering
Again and again and again

Thank you for trusting your intuition and letting your heart and soul lead you
For asking for what you want and when you have my consent, taking it without apology or hesitation
Hearing me when I express a limit or need
Honouring this as sacred knowing that asking is my way of trusting you
Knowing my heart is naturally open and trusting until it is given reason to protect

Thank you for touching me with presence, with love, with desire for union and for sharing love of this life through your fingers, mouth, lingham and words
And for allowing me to touch you with tenderness, desire and care and to feel you feeling me

Thank you for being open and honest with me about doubts, reservations and resistance
And for knowing that unspoken barriers and limits create a void between us that makes my heart ache and my yoni close

Thank you for owning your body, heart and mind and all the parts and wholeness of your animal and soul
For embracing the love, light and power of your lingham
And for no longer shaming your sexuality because this tradition or that said something about it
Thank you for loving yourself exactly as you are

Thank you for trusting your self to know when you’re in integrity and not needing someone else’s rule to tell you
For doing your work around the collective shame of masculine sexual energy so you don’t resent me for allowing my Shakti to flow
For understanding that it is her nature to magnetise you
For trusting that I won’t use this naturalness to control you 
And for never asking me to shut her down so that you are not tempted by her allure.
Thank you for trusting yourself to say yes and no and for following your heart and mind.

I’m so grateful our connection is one of choice, freedom, love, play, eroticism and innocence. 
And to know that each time we show up for each other we make a conscious choice to show up fully in love.

Thank you for understanding that while these words are shared from my highest desires
I do not always live in this space
That I do get caught in my lower nature of fear, desire, grasping and doubt
And that these are a part of who I am and I walk the path of loving, embracing and integrating all pieces of me even those that are more challenging.
Thank you for trusting when I fall from the temple into the mud that I always climb the mountain to the temple once again. 

Thank you for the ways that you hold up a mirror of love and acceptance when I forget to love myself,
Reminding me of my commitment to love and embrace every piece of me.
Thank you for knowing this is also my commitment to you.

Thank you for allowing me into your heart
To love and appreciate all that you are
I’m honoured and oh so grateful to walk this journey of remembering, sovereignty and togetherness with you.

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